Wednesday, December 10, 2008

97% of respondents say Chrysler’s Cerberus should not receive bail out money

Cerberus owns Chrylser. Cerberus, from Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades

There is an online poll at which asks “Do you believe private equity firms should receive taxpayer funded bailouts”

Here are the results:

Yes 3% 76
No 97% 2425
Total Votes: 2501


Chrysler turns up the heat on Canada

Car maker warns production from two Ontario plants could be transferred to U.S. as it presses governments for emergency funding

December 9, 2008
Globe and Mail

OTTAWA, WASHINGTON, TORONTO -- Chrysler Canada Inc. has warned Ottawa and Queen's Park that it could close its two assembly plants in Canada, eliminating more than 8,000 direct jobs, and shift the work to the United States if the two governments fail to provide $1.6-billion in emergency financial help.

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Dr Mike said...

I guess if all else fails , use blackmail!!!!

Dr Mike.