Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Harper will attempt to re-enact Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech

Who is paying for this? Do the three opposition leaders have a chance for rebuttal?

We've seen this movie before, when Richard Nixon made his plea to stay on as Vice-President under Eisenhower . Nixon made a schmarmy plea to the American people in what became known as the Checkers Speech.

Nixon's schmarmy plea worked and he subsequently went on the become US President. Like Harper, we know what a mistake that was.

Canada PM Plans Television Address At 7 PM - CBC

OTTAWA (Dow Jones)--Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to deliver an
address on national television at 7 p.m. EST, CBC reported Wednesday.

Harper is battling to keep his minority Conservative government alive. The
opposition have struck a historic accord that could see the government defeated
in a vote of confidence as early as Dec. 8.

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Joseph said...

I had that exact thought, which is funny. I had never actually seen that speech until I saw a documentary about Nixon a few months ago.

But it was the first thought I had when I heard the report as well.

Can I still throw popcorn and yell dipshit at the screen? I'll be nicer when those poor children are ushered in for the closing handshake.

Dr Mike said...

If he is wearing his sweater vest , I may hurl chunks & throw Meow Mix at the screen.

Those little children should be warned , this ain`t gonna be pretty.

Dr Mike .

PS---I just hope that Canadians someday realize what a tyrant this guy is.

He may put the hustle on them tonight & the coalition may be banished to hell , but we as the people Harper mashed into the pavement with his Tax Fairness Plan will never forget.

RuralSandi said...

So Harper likes cheese and his cat's name if Cheddar

Does this mean that it will be Harper's cheezy Cheddar Speech?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Harper's speech tonight will become known as the Chubby Checkers speech?