Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stephen Harper: The Six Hundred Million Dollar Man?

Jeffery Simpson writes:
“Mr. Harper has either to get to another Speech from the Throne in January that might be a better platform than the rickety one of Thursday's economic statement, or get to the people and argue, as he and his MPs did yesterday, that the opposition parties are trying to take power through parliamentary intrigue, having been defeated in the election. His fate depends, it would appear, on the Governor-General's decision to grant prorogation or an election. "

Louis Mix asks:
“Is forcing another $300+ million election just to save the job of one PM a valuable use of scarce resources in a time of severe recession? After all, the Liberals have been known to govern capably for long stretches at a time, and in the new age of Canada they will benefit from the knowledge of the NDP. Besides, the surest way out of a recession is people working together. “

Brent Fullard observes:
“Another election would make Harper the proverbial Six Hundred Million Dollar Man, in a time of restraint? We already spent $300 million for an election whose sole purpose was to provide Harper with political immunity from the imminent crumbling state of the economy.....and upon being elected what does Harper do to address the imminent crumbling state of the economy.........nothing? Face it Steve, you blew your ONE chance. Canadians can't afford Stephen Harper........in every conceivable respect.......the least of which is money.


Dr Mike said...

We are but one hoodwinking away from a majority for Harper!!

He would like nothing better than go the people bleating on about the opposition undemocratic coupe that is trying to usurp power away from our duly elected PM.

We elected him to do a job & not knife the opposition.

Since he cannot do the job , he must be replaced by those who can.

Why spend another 300 mil just to get back the same idiots we have now.

It is time for a new tack.

I say we go with the coalition.

After all , who could do any worse.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...

The GG granting another $300 million election would be completely irresponsible, especially at this time, just as would granting a prorogation of Parliament.

Enough already.

Toss that F***ER Harper overboard and let another group of willing MPs get on with the supposed governing of the country.