Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thousands protest Stephen Harper in Toronto

From Wikinews,
Sunday, December 7, 2008

Around five thousand people from all walks of life jammed Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday in Toronto to demand that Canadian Parliament work for the real needs of Canadians. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and NDP Leader Jack Layton addressed the crowd, pointing out that the 62% majority of the voters voted against Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's right-wing politics. Harper campaigned on the premise of bringing in policies to stimulate the economy during the current economic downturn.

Harper shut down Parliament last week until January 26th to prevent opposition parties from defeating his government with a vote of non-confidence. The centrist Liberals and social democratic New Democratic Party formed an unprecedented coalition with the support of the Quebec based Bloc Quebecois to stop Harper from banning strikes in the public sector, stopping pay equity settlements, and removing public funding to all political parties.

Latest figures show seventy-seven thousand more workers lost their jobs in November. Signs in the crowd were visibly in both French and English, a clear rebuttal to the politics of division being sown by Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is attacking the coalition because it is supported by "separatists who want to destroy the country."

The event was Hosted by TV star Mary Walsh, who, in a nod to recent U.S. elections, led a resounding chant of "Yes We Can-ada!" The main message of the day was that people want a government representing the majority of Canadian voters to tackle the economic crisis. Performers on stage included Samba Squad and members of Broken Social Scene. The day ended with the singing of "O Canada".


Anonymous said...

I guess you don't read the papers or watch the news. By the sound of your blog, the coalition side is favored by a majority of Canadians. Check the papers outside of Toronto or listen to the news (not CBC). Or better yet, look at the polls. There is life outside of Toronto. You should really get out more.

Anonymous said...

Well...this is really just part of the Liberal propaganda machine...reflecting their lust for power at any cost regardless of the voters...
Dr. Mike, you had even indicated at one point that C A I T I - O N L I N E was a non-partisan website when in is just part of the Liberal propaganda machine, spouting Liberal talking points.
Lets be honest...even most Liberals don't agree with what this coalition is doing. Most would prefer not to get in bed with the separatists...they just don't have the courage to stand up and do the right thing...again, no policy, no direction and no leadership...
By the way...who paid for all these pre-printed signs...was it the taxpayer or some outside source trying to circumvent the political spending guidelines...

Dr Mike said...


Bringing the ugly term "Separatist" back into the spotlight is one dangerous move--it could most certainly bring Harper his coveted majority but at what price.

Shoving us back into a timeline when the west hated anything French & the French just hated the rest of Canada is a selfish move by someone who is supposed to be our leader---someone who is in charge of keeping the country whole.

He is a selfish autocrat who only thinks of himself.

Everything with him is power---power will give him the ability to hoist onto the rest of us poor unsuspecting slugs his vision of Canada.

He thinks the maritime provinces are poor cousins who are of no consequence.

He thinks Quebecers are there only for his pleasure.

Ontario is a non-factor other than a vote factory & that may be the only factory that we have here soon.

Everything west of Ontario is his playground.

The way he is going that will be all that is left of his vision of Canada---West of Ontario.

What an odd name for a country.

Dr Mike.

PS---good to hear from you again Cliff.

Anonymous said...


We've got to get this terminology down. Who exactly does Harper want us to malign?

Separatists or sovereigntists?

Why does Harper use the one term in English with one meaning and another tern in French with another meaning?

Even when he's denigrating other's views, he still finds time to pander to their better selves?

What a duplicitous coward. And now he's missing in action, licking his self inflicted wounds.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Guys...please don't try to play the Separatist card, as the facts show otherwise...the Liberals ran many elections under the slogan that it was only they who could stand up to the separatists, that a vote for the conservatives would not be in the best interests of Canadian Unity.
The Liberals under Paul Martin even went so far as to so say that voting for a conservative minority would allow the sepratists to become part of the government...the liberals spent millions of taxpayer dollars promoting this look at the facts, soverienty has never been weaker in the country...and now the great Liberal party of Canada is giving it new life...shame on the hypocracy of the left...shame on the Liberal leadership...this isn't even supported by many greass roots Liberals...SHAME.

This is simply a lust for power by the left at any cost even it it gives new life to the separatists...this hatred for Harper is simply because he has power...democratically...yet the Liberal Party of Canada still has great difficulty accepting tha this was earned from the Canadian people...yes...earned the old fashioned way...through hard work not simply political entitlements...

Anonymous said...

Instead of bringing in an economic stimulus to help you keep you job Harper suspended democracy so he could keep his job.

Anonymous said...

Harper ran against the Liberals after their worst scandal in history. He got a minority. He ran against the weakest leader in the history of the Liberal party. He got a minority. It is rather obvious that Canadians neither like nor trust Harper. And they never will. Show me a poll after the new Liberal leader is elected, that one I'll trust. And it'll show Harper pissed away his chance at a majority with the Quebec bashing he has stirred up.