Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Harper's anti-Quebec rant boosted support for PQ "separatists"

Quebec pollster says Harper's comments gave PQ an election boost

December 9, 2008 - 2:25 pm


MONTREAL - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's comments about Quebec separatists gave the Parti Quebecois a major boost and helped the sovereigntist party close in on the Liberals in the provincial election, a leading pollster said Tuesday.

In a reversal of the historic election-day trend, the PQ performed far better than expected and closed so much of the gap between itself and the Liberals that it nearly deprived Charest of a majority.

The PQ's share of the popular vote was just seven percentage points less than the Liberals - this after polls just days ago placed it 14 points behind - and it held Charest's troops to a three-seat majority.

Jean-Marc Leger, president of Leger Marketing, said a poll suggested 14 per cent of Quebecers changed their vote on the last day, with half making that flip-flop while at the ballot box.

Leger said the largest contributor to the discrepancy between pre-election polling and the final outcome Monday was Harper's anti-Quebec rant in the home stretch of the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Now, suppose you wanted to split up the country?

Anonymous said...

You know what? So what?! A rose by any other name... They ARE separatists, and if the folks that vote BlOC are doing it merely to manipulate the government, well tough if they don't like it. Shit or get off the pot with this separation bullshit Alot of us are damn fedup with the whining and the appeasement of the spoiled child of confederation. Stop feeding the damn monster already!!

jackier said...

to anon above: are you guys still living in the 70s!? separatism died a long time ago dude! It's over. Get over it. Time to move on!

Anonymous said...

If it is over, then why is anyone getting worked up over the use of the word? And why then do they get 80 million of our tax dollars to exist? why then do they say this is their prime purpose? They are only a Provincial party, the rest of us are paying for, but can't vote for. Yet, they expect exceptional consideration? It is crap.

Dr Mike said...

It is a sad day when a Prime Minister of all people goes in that particular direction just to save his own ass.

This guy was toast.

But by playing the "separatist" card he has gone from toast to almost a sure majority if the vote was held today.

Strange because it was he who caused this problem in the first place & it was he who is responsible for the rise of the coalition , no one else.

He kicked the groin of the opponent just one too many times.

The poorly chosen economic update was harper`s doing.

The people in this country should be cursing him & no one else.

Dr Mike Popovich.