Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Puhlease! This from the deceitful masters of prorogation and blacked out documents.

Ignatieff selection undemocratic, Tories say

Dec 10, 2008 09:52 AM

Ottawa Bureau

As the prime minister urged Liberals to cooperate with him, his party's national campaign organizer sent a fundraising letter to supporters slamming incoming Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, saying he was "parachuted" into the leader's job in "yet another stunning and unprecedented demonstration of Liberal contempt for our democratic rights."

A copy of the letter was forwarded to national media outlets. Doug Finley writes:

"Not only was the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Coalition not elected to govern this country, but the person who would become Canada's Prime Minister wasn't even the leader of a federal party during the last election and may not even be elected by the Liberal (or any) party's membership."

"The Liberals have decided to parachute Michael Ignatieff into the position of Prime Minister, and one thing is clear: Canadians didn't elect this coalition to form a government, and they most certainly didn't elect Michael Ignatieff as Prime Minister.

"We need to drive that wedge home and convince Canadians of all political stripes that this Coalition does nothing but weaken our nation."

The letter calls for an "emergency donation" to help crack the coalition.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper reached out the Liberals, saying he hopes to meet with the party's new leader to talk about the economy.

"It's in the interests of the government to find a consensus, certainly among the federalist parties," he said in an interview with CBC News.


Anonymous said...

Yet more in a constant stream of evidence that the Tories are not bothered by hypocrisy and lies, as long as they originate them, and that they have no respect for the intelligence of voters (and they are correct in that for about 1/3 of them).


Anonymous said...

The nastiness lives! The Cons have a psychiatric problem called the "nastiness syndrome". Thia happens the same day that Harper, the liar, asks the opposition to "cooperate" with him.

What about Harper cooperating with the opposition?


Big Winnie said...

Unfortunately, there are many Canadians who saw the speech and took it at "face value". Harper expects this.

I hope that the con job that was pulled yesterday is exposed to the national media for what it was!!

Dr Mike said...

Holy Mother Mary , now I have heard just about everything.

These clowns have a lot of nerve.

First they toss out an olive branch for a new era of consultation.

Then they pull it back to reveal a nest of snakes.

Kind of reminds me of their income trust promise --that load of snakes has already bit us in the ass.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Dennis Hollingsworth said...

My hope and expectation is that the NEW Liberal Leader along with his New Team moving forward will show ZERO tolerance for these specious and deliberately misleading talking points.
This standard Harper Party duplicity is so beyond reasonable expectation; it was not acceptable before and it is even less acceptable today. It was this same slagging by the REFORMaTORY SLAG MACHINE over a two year period that permanently damaged the Stephan Dion brand & certainly injured the Liberal brand.
Doug Finley’s fundraising letter is based on their well known boiler-plate dishonesty, designed to frighten and anger the target audience. This is something for someone to be proud of in any way, shape or form ??? … NO, I don’t think so … when does donor fatigue kick in, especially in light of their totally bull-shit message ??
Where indeed is their integrity AND where is their credibility … is it something they keep in the closet, for special Sunday showings ??
By the way Brent, I very much enjoyed your earlier replay of Ignatieff’s September 18 statement in which he spoke to the Harpy record :
In my view, this Ignatieff statement nicely represents our teams cordial opening move in this master chess game with the genius, master tactician wizard-boy from behind the curtain.
Take away Harpy’s bogus propaganda machine and their lies and all that remains … is the fake wizard-boy Harpy, with a water pistol arsenal.
NO CONTENT, just smoke & mirrors; subterfuge and shiny objects …