Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pro-Rogue or Pro-Democracy?

The Governor General has spoken: The Rogue has it.


Anonymous said...

So where are we at? This isn't a minor situation. Harper has absolutely and completely lost the confidence of the majority of the House. It is irreparable. Sooner or later there will be a vote and he will be brought down. And if there is an election we will once again have a minority government. But the Conservatives say that if they have more seats they have a divine right to govern, never mind confidence of the House; the only alternative is another election. We will be in perpetual election mode while Harper will stay as Prime Minister. Either the Tories dump this bozo or Canadians should give him a majority - neither of which will happen.

Anonymous said...

When thousands of Canadians are losing their jobs, Stephen Harper's #1 job is Stephen Harper's #1 job.

Dr Mike said...

If Harper were to run again & gain another minority , there still would be no confidence as the same guy is still PM.

Unless the Cons dump this clown , there is no hope of a resolution.

Unless the public is suitably duped into giving them a majority then it is lights out for the rest of us.

Dr Mike.