Monday, December 1, 2008

Proroguing Parliament would be like Harper denying MPs the right to strike

One of Harper’s ideological missteps of last week's FU (Fiscal Update) was to deny civil workers the right to strike. My reading of Harper’s logic in today’s Question Period is that he will prorogue Parliament as his last desperate attempt to hang on to Parliament. Doing so will be the equivalent of denying MPs the right to strike.


Mark said...

Proroguing Parliament after having already tabled a confidence motion may not be legal. Already, Bob Fife has been saying that Michelle Jean wouldn't allow it. It would be more accurate to say that whatever constitutional experts she has to advise her are telling her that she cannot allow it.

Anonymous said...

Just sent my second email to the GG regarding this.
(1st asked for no election now)

Dr Mike said...

Harper will do anything to retain power because he knows he is toast if his attempts fail.

Unfortunately for him , he will not be around to see the New Year as PM.

Dr Mike Popovich.