Friday, December 5, 2008

Harper's first 100 days.....missing in action

A new US Presidency is typiclly judged by what it has accomplished or set in motion during its first 100 days in office. By that measure, how will Harper have performed as at January 22, 2009?

Stephen, where are you? Stephen? Are you still hiding? What do you have to show for your first 100 days in office? Barack Obama has dome more in preparing for office that you have done while in office?

Harper is not a leader. Stephen Harper MIA.


Anonymous said...

The Conservative Party of Canada has had it's name changed
to the Conservative Junta of Canada. The Prime Minister will
now be known as El Presidente for life. The Prime Ministers
Office will is now known as the Junta's Office of Canada.
Canada is no longer a G7 country, nor even the G20 country,
it is now a member of the GEE what a mess of countries.

Welcome to the new world order!
Have a nice day.


richard said...

Amazing isn't it? Harper the Whore is now doing imitations of Dick Cheney/ Robert Mugabe; and Canadians, according to the latest polls, would give him a majority government.

Dr Mike said...

Stephen Harper is MIA

M major league

I incompetent

A asshole

Sorry Steve---no hard feelings??

It is just the income trust night terrors talking.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper a.k.a. George Bush protogé.