Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now that Harper has us engaged in a nationwide witch hunt: The separatist within his own cabinet:

Diane Ablonczy

Diane Ablonczy (maiden name Broadway) was born in 1949 in Peoria, Illinois, United States, as the oldest of six children. A year later the family moved to Three Hills, Alberta and Ablonczy grew up in a variety of places in rural Alberta.

Ablonczy's first political involvement was in 1982, when she briefly belonged to the Western Canada Concept party, but left to join the Provincial Rights Association (PRA) a few months later.

The Western Canada Concept was a Western Canadian political party founded in 1980 to promote the separation of the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia and the Yukon and Northwest Territories from Canada in order to create a new nation.

In early 1987 Ablonczy joined the Reform Association of Canada, and later that year became a founding member of the Reform Party of Canada


Dr Mike said...


Am American who became a Canadian citizen , with all of it`s rights & privileges who wanted to separate from Canada.


Where does Harper find these people!

I guess I should not be surprised as he normally picks those who are like-minded.

Thanks Steve for tearing this country apart & usurping democracy in order to save your sorry ass.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

Harper also found another American - or the other way around - namely Tom Flanagan, who has written extensively about the destruction of the Liberal Party as the No. 1 goal of Harper and his "team". Go read about it.

WesternGrit said...

Wild Rose MP, Myron Thompson was also an American (former, or otherwise). His kid actually served in Iraq for the US Army.

You know where these people's convictions lie.

As far as Ray Bailey's WCC goes, his brother Roy is a good friend of our family. Roy was also a Reform/Alliance/Con MP. Pretty much the entire Reform part of the Con Caucus had dalliances with Western Separatism and the WCC.

I don't think Canada understands, these people HATE the French. They feel that French was shoved down their throats by Trudeau.

Their whole caucus from the so-called "West" (please leave Lower Mainland and Island BC, Yukon, NWT, urban Sask and Man, and Northern Sask and Man out of it) are potential separatists, or have been sympathizers.

Anonymous said...

Eh! Eh! Eh! My friend! You have to understand the difference between nationalism and patriotism. The "others" are nationalists but "we" are patriots.

You don't understand. The Quebec separatists are petty nationalists, traitors, devils, etc, and on top of that they speak French! And they make deals with the Liberals!

How worse can it get !

The Western "separatists" are not separatists. They are great patriots who love their provinces, they defend their rights and interest, and moreover they speak English. And they try to make make honest deals with the Bloc for the a good cause like staying in power for the betterment of humanity. How better can it get?


Cliff said...

Well...well...Dr. Mike is digging deep again...where does Harper find these people...

Well...the Liberals have a French citizen as a leader of their party...and former socialist NDP premier vying for the leadership, this very same Premier that nearly bankrupt his own province of Ontario.

And of course we have another professor who spent his entire working life living in US supporting many of the US policies that he is now against.

Now...I ask you, where do the Liberals get these people...and why are their no lifelong true Liberals (whatever that is) that have lived and worked in this country seeking the support of Canadians.
Where is the talent in the Liberal party that we keep hearing about.
Keep in mind, I'm not the first one to recognize this lack of Talent...your former PM Martin had to poach Tory ranks just to fill his cabinet (Brison / Stronach)...and these were simply the weak links in the Tory party...

So...where do these people come from...and why is there no talent to fill the leadership void....surely there must be a reason for this.

And I guess the last question to ask is now that the Liberals cannot get the corporate elite to fund their excesses...where is their grassroots support...where is their grassroots fundraising...and why can't the Liberals find these people...or is this just the new left leaning liberal thinking...they don't want to work and earn the support of Canadians...they want their political welfare at the expense of Canadians....
What a sad policy, no donors, no direction, no leadership talent, and no leadership, and now beeging Canadians for their welfare money at the expense of Canadians... the mighty have fallen.

wilson said...

Iggy............are you guys gonna bash exAmericans?

Dion............are you guys gonna bash exSeparatists?

exDipper bashing anyone?

richard said...

Now we know why Harper keeps this toxic bitch out of his government. She would be real Saturday Night Live material, if we had a Canadian version.

Given the number of seats Alberta continually hands the con facsist goof party, you'd wonder why they don't have more MP's in cabinet. With quality people like Diane Allbaloney we know why.

Albertan's are pretty thick when it comes to figuring out they get nothing for their votes. Not one of those chicken shit MP's stood up to Harper when he canned the energy trusts, but gave the Bay Street REITS a pass. DUHH!!!

Seems like they were all asleep again when Harper The Whore told them they can forget about that pipeline to carry Alberta crude oil to the Prince Rupert export terminal. There is going be only once customer for Alberta oil and its Uncle Sam. And Sam is going to be setting the price for all that " dirty" ATS crude. DUHHH!!!

Cari said...

Do not tell lies about Ignatieff being in the U.S.A for most of his adult life..He was in Britain for a great many of those years, so I do not know where you get your information. When he was a young man, he worked with Pearson and Trudeau, later, worked for the BBC for some time.

Dr Mike said...


Good to hear from you again.

Harper has surrounded himself with a curious crew.

I say this from the standpoint of the Tax Fairness Plan which was concocted in the boardrooms of this great nation & based upon the mythical notion of tax leakage.

I say mythical because Flaherty & his crew refused to prove the case for this leakage by issuing 18 blacked-out pages of what he called proof--these pages were subsequently recalled as a token of his appreciation for what we do.

What kind of people do such a thing when they submit to us that tax leakage is real---real means provable.

Does harper`s crew think so little of the investors that he promised to protect a mere 8 months prior to the Halloween massacre.

So Cliff , if you would be so good as to prove to me the existence of tax leakage with the numbers involved , I would be forever grateful.

I voted Conservative for 37 years & that should get me something.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Seems like this coalition thing is not sitting well with the majority of Canadians.

From the latest Ipsos-Reid poll 61% of Canadians agree with repealing Chretien's political party subsidy program.

The Liberals and the NDP have lost big time with Duceppe laughing all the way to Quebec.

January 27th is fast approaching, if the Budget is voted down we'll be into another election, much as you people wishfully think otherwise.


Dr Mike said...


This is playing out just as Harper expected.

Fracturing the country with the unity issue will get him his majority in a March election.

I hope it was worth it because we will be years recovering if it happens at all.

Dr Mike.

Horny said...
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Wes Werkman said...

Comments with the vitriol of Richards do nothing but expose the author of said comment as immature.

Cliff said...'ve got over this sooner or was sound tax policy favouring the middle closed.
And yes it was nice to hear from you too,I do take a peek at the left leaning liblogs once in a while...maybe even a little more now that they are in bed with the socialists and the block...maybe it's time to reconsider your options again...

Anonymous said...

I met Ablonczy in the early 90s before she was an MP and before Harper was a name. She spoke warmly of "Stephen, Preston's policy adviser." My impression was that Harper had already been picked as a Next One. The place was Calgary. The time was almost 20years ago.

So much for democracy, eh? The people will choose what the powerful rich give them to choose.

Dman said...

Like your site Brent and appreciate your high integrity, all the time.

In response to Cliff’s deliberately misleading subterfuge, I want to respond :

“ … your former PM Martin had to poach Tory ranks just to fill his cabinet (Brison / Stronach) “

Both (Brison & Stronach) of these great Canadians are as bright & patriotic as it gets … both offered their best talents in the service of a democratic Canada … both were clearly anything but weak links in the supposaTORY party AND both were fully alienated by Harpers dictatorial approach.

Get a job & get a life Cliff … we grow weary of your Ryan Sparrow induced talking points.
The topic of Campaign expenses has a context Cliff … more complexity than you’re equipped to comprehend or pretend not to comprehend … you must be a ReformaTORY troll.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anybody has had a chance to watch this video of the Alaskan secessionist party. It's quite boring I'm afraid, except for the very last minutes when the speaker brings up the need to infiltrate the mainstream parties. It does make one wonder.

Luke said...

Ciff said And I guess the last question to ask is now that the Liberals cannot get the corporate elite to fund their excesses...where is their grassroots support...where is their grassroots fundraising...and why can't the Liberals find these people...or is this just the new left leaning liberal thinking...they don't want to work and earn the support of Canadians...they want their political welfare at the expense of Canadians..”

Cliff if a candidate doesn’t connect with their constituency then the candidate does not get their vote and therefore does not get the $1.95 per vote.

I wonder if the PM goes around campaigning and then before he leaves takes out a hat and passes it around.

How many Conservative candidates were MIA during the town hall meetings last election? Is that grass roots campaigning?
Is big oil grass root support?

Cliff why don’t the Conservatives eliminate the income tax credit for political donations? That is just the same as begging for welfare money at the expense of Canadians. The smear ads done on Mr. Dion for the past two years some of that money was at the expense of Canadians. (income tax credits)Your kind chose not to see this injustice.

The Rat said...

Stephane Dion was a separatist, too, you know. And that LaPierre fellow in Martin's cabinet, wasn't he? Oops.

Anonymous said...

Is he hatred of Stephen Harper so great that all Liberals are willing to risk the future of the party on it?

Just reading what is coming out from the leaders and party brass and then reading that the polls are unanimous against any coalition leaves me wondering if there are any people left in this party who can think clearly?

Dr Mike said...


I do appreciate your response.

It was disappointing that you fail to prove your case as has anyone in the Conservative party.

Not sure how it benefitted the Middle class---the TFP has forced them to be without nearly 2 billion in lost annual tax revenues as a direct result of the TFP implementation--without the current credit crunch , this would be over 7 billion by now.

I am disappointed for another reason.

I toiled for over 37 years promoting the Conservative cause in this country--probably more years than you have been alive & probably a lot more years than you have been involved in the cause.

Yet , no one is willing to prove their case for the trust tax to me other than making obtuse blanket statements.

John Diefenbaker would not be proud!!

Dr Mike Popovich

RuralSandi said...

Wilson - my great grandfather was American - he came to Canada for a better life joining relatives that cleared and built up this land - people that were the earliest pioneers of this country and he would be horrified at what your people are doing to this country.

I'm not anti-American - I'm anti-Republican/neo-con motives - what is it you don't understand about that?

Cliff said...

Well...Dr. Mike, you're now working for a party that is in bed with the separatist...and, yes John Diefenbaker, Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Robert Stanfield must be rolling in their graves watching your party, the Liberal party of Canada crawling in bed with the separatists and the socialist in their lust for power...
And finally Dr. Mike, if this is wrong policy, and policy that hurts the middle class, why does your party or any other party promise to change this...take a stand...stand up for this change...why...well the answer is quite simple, it is sound economic policy that favours the middle class, both in the short and long is simply sound, middle class policy, and I would suggest that if you ever were a Tory, you forget about this one horse side show...and look at what is going on in your party...and decide if this is the party that you want to lead Canada...

And as for you Luke: "Cliff why don’t the Conservatives eliminate the income tax credit for political donations?"
Yes, why don't we get rid of this also, at least Harper tried to make the first step...and I agree, it should go even further...will the Liberals agree to both...will they agree to just one...I doubt it...they want their political welfare...but, I agree lets take the taxpayer out of the equation altogether...but, I suspect the Liberals would claim this too is an attack on democracy....SHAME.

Some of you Liblogs (Dman) pretend or believe this is a complicated issue...when nothing could be further from the truth...again, the fact of the matter is Liberals don't want to earn their support, they simply want their entitlements....and those of us who recognize this have long been used to name calling from the Left.

Dr Mike said...


You call the taxing of trusts sound economic policy --can you explain how when the Tax Firness Plan has already resulted in nearly 2 billion of annual tax losses.

How is this sound economic policy when it has removed such a large chunk of people`s savings.

How is it sound economic policy when the numbers to define it`s basis have been hidden from the public.

How is it strong economic policy when these same blacked-out numbers were recalled because it was a point of national financial security.

Cliff , I cannot give you this one.

You have given me an unsubstantiated argument.

But , hey , it was great talking to you as always.

Dr Mike.

PS--I have never said who I voted for , only that I have spent my whole life working for the Conservatives in both Ontario & Canada--well , other than the time after Halloween 2006.

How long you been with the party??--if you can beat my 37 years , my hats off to you.