Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ed Broadbent just said that Harper pays people to lie.

This should come as no surprise, since we already know that Harper attempts to bribe politicians to influence their vote, so why not pay people to lie, as Ed Broadbent is alleging?

I wonder, would Mark Carney's installation by Harper as Governor of the Bank of Canada constitute such a "payment" for Carney's lies about tax leakage?

We also just witnessed Harper lie about the absence of a Canadian flag when in fact such a flag was in plain sight. Do you suppose Harper is capable of lying about tax leakage? The press was quick to pick up on Harper’s lie about the flag, but did nothing to explore his lie about tax leakage. Maybe some in the press are also being paid by Harper to lie? Payment comes in many forms....


Joseph said...

Broadbent has been great. If only we could bundle up the leadership he has in his small left pinky and inject it into some up and coming younger politicos these days, we'd be in fine shape.

Dr Mike said...

It is a sad day when your job at a local rag depends on your editorial stance.

These guys in the media have gotten to the point that if they keep their eyes shut & their ears blocked then all of this will go away.

Unfortunately the best they can hope for is that PM will continue to treat them like dirt .

Dr Mike.