Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Globe and Mail's choice of "Leader" was a six week wonder.

The whole notion of newspapers “endorsing” one candidate over another is an archaic absurdity.....for all the reasons that are amply evident in the Globe’s misguided support of Stephen Harper.....or any other candidate for that matter.

People need more facts and far fewer opinions in their newspaper. Unfortunately, facts constitute work, opinions constitute leisure.

Globe editorial board editor on why Harper should resign

The Globe's editorial board editor John Geiger
Globe and Mail Update

December 2, 2008 at 9:00 AM EST

A time of economic uncertainty — in which Canadians' jobs, homes and life savings are all in peril — is no time for political games or experiments, The Globe opines today in its lead — and only — editorial Harper, Dion put politics before national interest

"If the Liberals are truly set, however, on defeating Mr. Harper, and every indication suggests they are, then the responsibility for averting this politically illegitimate coalition shifts to the Prime Minister," The Globe's editorial board writes.

"Mr. Harper is ultimately responsible for this unhappy state of affairs. It is the byproduct of his machinations, and the product of a failure of his leadership.

"The opposition parties, especially with the Liberals busy licking their election wounds, were not out to pick a fight in the new Parliament.

"Mr. Harper gave them one anyway, turning his government's economic update into a partisan document aimed less at strengthening Canada's economic position than at undermining their ability to compete in the next election.

"In so doing, he sent the message that even if he backs down in this instance, he has no interest in making the current Parliament work.

"His conduct since then – epitomized by his blustery and provocative statement last Friday, and his party's disturbing act in eavesdropping on a private NDP conference call this past weekend – has only reinforced for the opposition the necessity of defeating him while it has the opportunity.

"If Mr. Harper wishes to act in the best interests of the country, it may be time for him to consider removing that imperative from the table.

"With a different Conservative leader in place, the coalition could lose some of its lustre – or at least its urgency – for the opposition parties.

"For Mr. Harper, who has built his government's image almost entirely around his own and controls nearly every aspect of its operations, relinquishing power would be a terribly bitter pill to swallow. He is the type who would rather fight than switch.

"That is his prerogative.

"But switching to another Conservative leader may at this point be preferable to a legacy as the man who gave Canada Prime Minister Stéphane Dion."


Anonymous said...

How admirable to say "But switching to another Conservative leader may at this point be preferable to a legacy as the man who gave Canada Prime Minister Stéphane Dion"? Not. What a thick tissue of American hooey!!!

Harper has done everything he can to promote the cult of the Man who will be our PM. The Conservative party has allowed itself to be controlled and whored like a drug addict. And for what? The man in a $1500 sweater.

But Canadians vote for Members of Parliament. And for 142 ridings, that means we voted for sycophantic addicts to the sweetness of power.

There is not one bone of principle in anyone of those corpusculent toadies.

Dr Mike said...

The only hope for the Cons is if Harper resigns & Flaherty is fired & sent back to the streets looking for the odd ambulance.

This is only the beginning.

For all those Cons who followed Harper like the sheep they are including my MP Joe Preston (Elgin-Middlesex-London) , you need to be banished into obscurity for blindly following your leader in ways that have led to our misfortune.

For all you lemmings that call yourselves media , you deserve to be launched onto the scrap heap of lost rags---you have been a complete embarrassment to yourselves----Mike Duffy that means you.

I vote coalition no matter what.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

Me Too.Dr.Mike and if they call an election again lets hope the three amigos of the LiberalDemocratic parties stay together so we can beat the pants off of these conbots...they were on cbc. this morning dissing the bloc as separatists...the bloc is the party in the HOUSE that looks after the underdog like me..poor seniors...people who lose their jobs because of plants closing.etc.....signed gramps

Dr Mike said...


I have never agreed with the ideology of the Bloc but I have always respected Gilles Duceppe as their leader.

He is upfront with what he stands for & what you see is what you get.

He stood with the Liberals & the NDP at his own peril & has given what he can.

The Cons are nothing but a bunch of two-faced shysters who say one thing & do the opposite.

Gilles Duceppe I can respect as a man standing up for his ideals & his people.

Harper, on the other hand , is only looking out for himself & deserves nothing from Canadians other than the back door to no where.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Vive le Coalition! Thank you Mr. Duceppe. So true that most of us can not agree with separation but if anyone actually watched the English debate, it is clear he does not hate Canadians and will be an asset if this Coalition goes through. It is Canada's best hope. Mr. Dion or the Liberal 3 will need Mr. Duceppe to keep Jack Layton in line. Supporting this coalition is one of the few decent things the NDP has done. Maybe now they realize how wrong they were on the "Income Trust" issue and how they are responsible for putting so many of their own supporters in poverty and despair by not doing their homework on the income trust issue? Either way I certainly have much more trust and faith in Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc than Jack Layton. Layton used exact same speeches and points used in the January 2006 election and said nothing new.
English media should be embarrassed for not pointing out the obvious during coverage of the debate. In general the Bloc have much stronger and better socialist values than the NDP. Duceppe kicked Layton's ass when it came to leftist stuff like arts policy, manufacturing, energy and the environment.
As for Harper handing over the PM job to Dion - serves him right for doing such a lousy job and acting like a dictator at every given opportunity on just about any issue. We also know journalists are simply required to print or voice their opinion based on what is currently selling newspapers. Negativity and stupidity always sells or the T.O. Sun would have folded years ago. We also know Dion is not a liar and will co-operate to put all Canadians best interests first. He is also scheduled to step down in May, so it is not like he is really PM as he will be co-operating with leadership candidates.
I am with Dr. Mike - coalition no matter what. My household can not afford another day of Conservative leadership.

Anonymous said...

Alot has happened in six weeks!!!!The prime minister is making it better for us already! Most people don't realize how much money there is out there. During economic times like this, there is more money to be had than ever. Because of the bailouts and economy, lenders are bending over backwards to bail you out too. Believe it or not, there is people getting tons of cheap money nowdays to start businesses, buy homes, pay off debt, and more. Bailout is for YOU

Anonymous said...

"... averting this politically illegitimate coalition..."

Where does the Globe get off saying that?

Real responsible journalism there, eh?

No wonder I cancelled my subscription over two years ago.