Friday, December 5, 2008

Lest we forget, Harper was the panderer who bought off the Bloc in the 2007 Budget

Budget 2007 was the budget that contained the income trust tax that defrauded Canadians of $35 billion of their retirements savings, based on the government’s policy lie that income trusts cause tax leakage. Even though the Finance Committee of the elected Members of Parliament called upon the Harper government to disclose its proof of tax leakage and separate the trust tax legislation from the Budget itself, Harper refused. Harper needed the support of the Bloc in order to pass the highly contentious and destructive 2007 Budget. As such, Harper pandered to the Bloc and the Bloc extracted an additional $2 billion in transfer payments, that came at the expense of all other Canadians.

It is typical of Harper to accuse his opponents of the very things that he himself is most guilty of, to wit:

Wkipedia: Budget 2007

Quebec Premier Jean Charest had applauded the budget, as his province would receive over $2 billion dollars in additional equalization payment. However, Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald and Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams argued that Harper broke a written promise to shield revenues from oil and natural gas revenues that the two provinces are receiving;


Anonymous said...

Harper shutdown democracy so the Coalition wouldn't bring in a stimulus package. So now you may lose your job but Harper gets to keep his.

Anonymous said...

Is hypocrite another word for Conservative in this country?

Of course Charest is going to support anything "Harper" he is a Conservative himself. I would not be surprised if after this provincial election, Charest gets back into Federal politics and is rewarded with something for that sacrifice made years ago. At the taxpayer's expense of course ...

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Bloc originally start with most of Brian Mulroney's cabinet with people like Lucien Bouchard? The Bloc's roots are tied to the Conservative Party. We know the first time Harper got into office he was endorsed by Brian Mulroney. It was only after the Karl Heinz Shreiber thing that Harper decided to distance the party from Mulroney.

As for Danny Williams - we all know why he became disliked in the Conservative party. He decided to actually do his job by being accountable to Nfld citizens. He chose to exercise fiscal responsibility and sustainability with the provinces resources, unlike Alberta. Since standing up to the PM and protecting the oil resources by earning as much revenue as possible for the people of Nfld - DW ensured job security for all, tourism in Nfld has increased, there is now a demand for property in Nfld, etc.
There is an entire CBC documentary outlining why it sucks to be a worker in the Alberta oil industry (costs too much to live there compared to salary) and why those from Newfoundland are moving back. Apparently those with the labour skills in the oil industry have their eye on Newfoundland as first choice these days. Alberta is second choice.

Dr Mike said...

As Cabinet Minister Lisa Raitt said during our last recorded Question Period , "you should not be working for your constituents but for your country".

She seems to be following the party line.

Got to love those Cons!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich.