Monday, December 1, 2008

Okay. So Dion isn't the only Liberal Leader to not become Prime Minister?

Leadership candidates agree to Dion as interim PM

Updated Mon. Dec. 1 2008 1:40 PM ET News Staff

The three main Liberal leadership contenders met Monday with party leader Stephane Dion and agreed unanimously that he should lead a coalition with the NDP and serve as interim prime minister if the government is brought down.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to explain Parliamentary democracy to some of these crying Tories. I saw a post that had the following, "A majority of Canadians voted for a Conservative government." We do not vote for the government we vote for our MP. Then the party with the confidence of the house governs. Coalitions are rare in Canadian politics, but they are part of Parliamentary democracy. The NDP and Liberals are now in a coalition. Either this coalition or the Conservatives need the support of the BQ to have the confidence of the House. Whoever has the confidence of the House governs. That democracy, the Parliamentary way.

Dr Mike said...

You are right on the money.

The government cannot function without having a majority rule.

Harper has forgotten that he was not elected as some sort of supreme dictator--he has to have enough votes to pass any bill--if his party does not have them , then he has to get them elsewhere by playing nice .

He is nothing more than a schoolyard bully who believes he can assert control.

Unfortunately for him , he went to the well one too many times & he is about to be sent to the bad chair for a time-out.

Parliament rules by the will of the majority & he has forgotten that -- he therefore must now pay the price.

He has lost confidence of the house & must now resign.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Kephalos said...

What we are seeing here is justice, as natural and as rough, as nature would ever make it.

Like a King of the jungle, Harper dug a pit, and loaded it with stakes to impale his opposition. But when he climbed out of the pit to make some camouflage, he inadvertently fell backwards into his own pit.

Maybe his tribe can save him? Or maybe there's some in the tribe sharpening their own sticks. That handsome guy from Quebec thought Harper was too...