Monday, December 1, 2008

Place your bets.....who will the 6 NDPer’s be in the Coalition Cabinet?

My guess is:

Jack Layton
Thomas Mulcair
Libby Davies
Joe Comartin
Linda Duncan (only NDP or Liberal MP in Alberta)
Brian Masse (represents auto town of Windsor)

But surely not:

Judy Wasylycia-Leis
Pat Martin
Olivia Chow


Dr Mike said...

OMG---not Judy (I really hacked-up a hairball this time) Wasylycia-Leis--anybody but her.

It will be "Happy" Jack
Thomas "the man" Mulcair
Brian "I need to buy a moped" Masse
Linda "It`s lonely out here" Duncan
Joe "He`s a good guy" Comartin
Pat "Where`s my Hammer" Martin

Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance Jack "The Hitman" Mintz --even Jack looks better than Flaherty.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton will be made Minister of Whores and Easy Pieces - a position he will no doubt excel at, being an expert himself

He was Harper's whore before

But now he's our whore

Bottoms up

Poor Stevie, rejected by a whore - I'd feel sorry for him if he were human


Anonymous said...

No. Jack Layton will be given a new economic portfolio........Minister of ATM fees and Pay Day Loans

Brent Fullard

Jacques Beau Vert said...

Your picks make sense, but I wouldn't be surprised if Pat Martin was one.

I'd be unhappy with Chow, and totally, 100% opposed to Judy WL. I think she gives liberals a bad name.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

Not single-handedly, of course.

Drew Adamick said...

Jack Layton
Thomas Mulcair
Linda Duncan
Nathan Cullen
Pat Martin
Olivia Chow

Anonymous said...

Your list is too Ontario heavy. If Duncan is in because she is the only choice from Alberta, (and I agree she is) than there will be someone from Manitoba, and that means Judy W-L.

I think Jack Harris might be chosen, as the best of a weak Atlantic NDP caucus.

Yappa said...

I'm a very partisan Liberal, but I respect the NDP to choose whoever they want. They have a lot of talent to choose from.

We need to move from an adversarial approach to a cooperative one, or this coalition ain't going to last long.

Anonymous said...


I am not a partisan-anything.

I believe in meritocracy.

As such, it is not for the "NDP to choose whoever they want".

Furthermore that isn't the way its going to work. Dion will pick the Cabinet and will consult with Layton on the 6 NDP slots.