Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mary Walsh for Governor General....we need someone who's more serious!

Just got back from the Toronto rally at City was awesome.

Huge crowd despite freezing cold.

Mary Walsh opened the event up and then Dion and Layton each spoke. All were great.

Closed with Mary Walsh.......who would make a great Governor General, don't you think?

I drove past Queens Park to get to City Hall.

The Harperites were having their mini rally at Queens Park with a modest turnout of flag wrapped fanatics and former followers of Reverend Jimmy Jones.

Meanwhile the major league game in town was the Coalition Rally at City Hall....after all we are the MAJORITY in Parliament, which is why Harper closed it. Coward.


richard said...

Speaking of rallies, the story line in Rick Mercer’s Globe & Mail column today should have been on page 1 instead of buried on F3. The polling numbers suggesting Canadians would give the Cheney-Mugabe-Harper coalition a majority if an election were held today obviously never get past the front page.

Yesterday at a social function, a local con fascist goof party activist was talking up why he liked Cheney-Mugabe-Harper so much. “Its the way he disses and treats the media.”

But then this clown was originally from Alberta, where they are proud of one party state governments.

richard said...

Here is the tag line to Rick Mercer's "No Two Ways About It".

Dr Mike said...

What are the odds of getting the Warrior Princess to kick Harper`s ass for us??

She is pretty tough & I think she could take him down a peg or two or three.

Dr Mike.

PS--glad the rally went well--the pro-Con happened here in London today & my sister attended just to bust my chops--my MP joe said he owed me a call--yikesssss.

My email is fried or I would have gotten back to you.

Dr Mike said...


Great article!!

I don`t know what the population would expect to happen--a Coalition was a natural progression of a multiparty makeup in a two party system.

This is not rocket science here--cohesion is natures way.

Just because it is not Harper`s way does not make it wrong.

Not unless he is God or something.

No , In his own mind does not count.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

Thu Dec 4, 2:11 PM

EKOS poll conducted for the CBC .

Asked whether respondents had confidence in the Governor General's ability to make decisions about the political impasse. Forty-eight per cent of respondents said they were confident in Jean's ability, while 16 per cent said they were moderately confident.

But 36 per cent said they were not very confident.