Thursday, December 4, 2008

Does this mean the GG's spendthrift Eurotour is back on?

Does this mean that Michaëlle Jean can go back to her regularly scheduled five star European tour that was a spendthrift attempt to restore some of the damage caused by Harper’s invidious attack against the arts in the last election…… know, the other bespoke election granted to Harper by the self same Michaëlle Jean and in violation of Harper’s fixed election date legislation.


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. I thought it was only in third world countries that if the government lost the support of the people's elected representatives that they could just suspend them. The Governor General has agreed to suspend democracy. What crap!

Dr Mike said...

Anything is possible in the "you scratch my back , I will scratch yours" world of politics.

This is just like the Home team requesting a game be stopped when they are behind so that they can come back to finish it another day hoping the outcome may be different.

As was said before , what crap!!!

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Well, remember when GG was appointed Harper wasn't too keen on it but accepted it.

Since that time, GG and Loreen have become very close friends, nature walks together, etc.

Did you expect any other decision?

Anonymous said...

Her heritage is NOT commonwealth it is THIRD WORLD. Her Haitian heritage is shining through her actions. See the sugar documentary - CBC I think - and you will see what Haitians do to citizens of the Dominican Republic ... sick people!

As someone whose husband has probably received a Canada Council Arts grant at some point - MJ has no right to be making these trips representing Canadian culture. Hypocrite! Harper should have cut her budgets instead of the Canada Arts Council. Artists actually earn their grant money, unlike this pitiful excuse for a Canadian GG.

Interesting ... Martin appointed her and now she is close friends with Mrs. Harper. Not surprised.