Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Education of Mr. James Travers

Yesterday Jim Travers wrote an article in the Toronto Star based on the reasoning (and title) that “Canadian democracy is the big loser”. As you can see from my comment below, I found his argument to be preposterous. I was pleased to hear Jim Travers on CBC’s POLITICS with Don Newman tonight, decry the rhetoric of those who are calling the Coalition “undemocratic”. I am pleased to see that Jim Travers has internalized the comments of his readers, such as:

Couldn't disagree more. Democracy is asserting itself

To suggest that democracy is the loser under these circumstances is preposterous.....unless you are talking about some other form of democracy different from a Parliamentary democracy. Get with the program.....this is how a Parliamentary democracy works.....sheesh. Quite trying to morph Canada into the United States "Presidential" model of democracy. Government in Canada resides in Parliament (read: in which all MPs are equal) and not the "Executive Branch" Again: Sheesh

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Dr Mike said...

The sooner people realize this type of alignment of parties known as a coalition is a lawful part of our parliamentary system , the better.

Listening to QP you would think that nary a Conservative had ever heard of the notion.

Of course , those poor saps only believe what they re told.

Dr Mike