Monday, December 8, 2008

Stephen Harper: Psycho Despot

From Saturday’s Globe:

During the past week, while the nation wondered if the government would fall, junior Conservative staffers were ordered to be outside 24 Sussex Dr. by 6:15 in the morning. Their job was to stand there in the dark with the temperature well below zero and wait for the PM to appear. Their instructions were to applaud, wave and sing O Canada loudly as the motorcade pulled out of the gates and drove Stephen Harper to work.

Mr. Harper, by all accounts, actually believed that the young people were there of their own accord and represented a groundswell of love and support for his actions. Staffers in the Prime Minister's Office know that he is easier to handle when being applauded and not questioned. This way, nobody has to suffer at the hands of the inconsolable bear.

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Dr Mike said...

What busts my balls about this whole thing is that the public cannot see what has actually occurred here.

Harper , & Harper alone caused this crisis--no one else.

He was willing to tear the country apart to keep his job.

For that he needs to pay the ultimate price & be removed in disgrace.

Dr mike.