Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My vote for Michael Ignatieff

Mr. Doug Ferguson
Liberal Party of Canada

Re: Consultation with former candidates


I agree with the actions taken by the Liberal Party Executive in dealing with the political circumstances of the day and addressing the immediate need to resolve our party’s leadership in advance of a confidence vote presently scheduled for January 27, 2009. I recommend that Michael Ignatieff be appointed as the party’s interim leader, as I have great confidence in his ability to lead our party and hopefully serve as Canada’s next Prime Minister. I also support the Liberal Party entering into a coalition government with the NDP on the terms negotiated by Stephane Dion.

Brent Fullard
647 505-2224


Dr Mike said...

It is time for Michael Ignatieff to take control of this party as Barack Obama did in the US.

The time for messing around with Carbon Taxes is over--that will work itself out as Obama dictates to us what we need to do.

It is time for a champion to bring back the importance of the individual on the street.

Michael Ignatieff is that man.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama took control of the Democratic Party with the votes of the grassroots and over the will of the elite. Michael Ignatieff took the leadership of the Liberal Party by the elites putting the fix in for him and cutting out the grassroots. The Liberal Party has learned NOTHING from the Obama example.

Anonymous said...

Hate to get personal...however...Iggy creeps me out...His "slitty" eyes...His lizard like tongue when he licks his lips...and that smile...I am reminded of how in the cartoon "How the Grinch stole Christmas", the Grinch is on the mountain top nastily looking down on Whoville...Well, you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

his vote is being done in accordance with all the Liberal Party rules. The vote taking place today is for an interim leader. Grass roots will vote by way of their elected delegates at the Leadership Convention taking place in May. Candidate for Leader have until February 27, 2009 to apply to be on the ballot.

Bob Rae's decision to drop out was his own, just like Dominic LeBlanc's decision to drop out was his as well.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

The rules never foresaw the National Executive appointing one of the leadership contenders as interim leader, which has always been a neutral person. Rae made it clear, appoint Iggy and you are ending the race. They made it clear that is what they want to do.

Anonymous said...

The caucus forced an end to the leadership race and Ignatieff said he would allow his interim appointment to be "confirmed" by the membership.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself - Bob was forced out of the race. The Party made a decision to appoint someone rather than hold an election. They violated their commitment to the LPC constitution which requires them to act in accordance with democratic principles. The executive committee should be fired, starting with Doug Ferguson.

Dr Mike said...

Mr Ignatieff,

Congratulations --hopefully your road to becoming Our next PM will be
a short & smooth one.

PM Harper will be reaching out to you shortly for suggestions to
bring-on economic growth.

Reversing a downturn/recession can only be done by increasing spending
from the consumer----to do this , more money has to be placed into the
hands of those same consumers as confidence erodes & their ability to
spend decreases as jobs slip away.

People are natural spenders--a few extra bucks in the pocket , means
feel-good creature comforts if you have a few dollars to spare--it
means groceries on the table for hungry families , gas in the car.

What an appropriate time to reverse the income trust tax & put some
confidence back into the market--put sustainable dollars back into the
pockets of investors everywhere to spend on whatever--to stimulate new
IPOs--to expand the TSX rather then let it continue on it`s current
path to extinction.

We cannot afford to let this valuable sector disappear & with it the
over 7 billion in annual taxes that it represents.

Now may be the time to call Harper to action to correct a terrible
wrong that was committed for all the wrong & unsubstantiated reasons.

Again , congratulations---make us proud.


Dr Michael Popovich
Rodney Ont

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