Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CARP terminates co-branding arrangement with Power Corp. subsidiary IPC

On 5/13/09 3:58 PM, "CARP advocacy" wrote:

Thank you for the opportunity of advising that as of April 30, 2009, CARP's relationship with Investment Planning Counsel has been terminated.

Advocacy and Communications Coordinator
416-363-2277 x 235

Unto itself that means nothing to have terminated CARP’s co branding with Power Corp subsidiary IPC.

More importantly what is CARP doing for seniors who were ripped off by the Harper government on income trusts based on his policy lie about tax leakage. Please respond to anyone of the following 5 recent news articles in providing your response

(1) Flaherty's miscues give us reason to worry:
(2) Who will employ mindset of Obama’s empirical president to Harper’s imperial prime minister?
(3) Still time for Harper to fix trusts mistake:
(4) Why the income trust issue REFUSES to go away...
(5) No income. No trust:

Brent Fullard
President and CEO
Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors


Dr Mike said...

If CARP was serious in their advocacy for those who are retired they would have been on Flaherty`s Tax fairness plan right from the get-go.

This group has always had Flaherty`s ear & as such were in a position of power.

Their Milquetoast performance to date has been down right embarrassing & has done nothing whatsoever for the group they say they represent.

Maybe CARP stands for the Canadian Association of Ripped-off People.

Dr Mike Popovich

CAITI said...


I terminated my relationship with CRAP several months ago with a "crisply" worded statement in which I told them exactly how I felt about their gutless organization. For "crisply", read vulgar throughout.


CAITI said...


“Vulgar” is both good and wholly warranted, when it comes to CARP.