Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My conversation of today with Christine Elliott

Today I attended the Mayor’s Luncheon hosted by the Whitby Chamber of Commerce, where Whitby Mayor Pat Perkins was giving her annual update to the assembled business and political leaders of Whitby. In attendance was Christine Elliott who I had the chance to speak with.

I offered Christine my best wishes in her bid to become leader of the Ontario Conservative Party and told her that I was 100% behind her aversion to Ontario’s HST ( a policy only made possible by her husband Jim Flaherty who thinks its a great idea if Ontario consumers assume the burden of $4 billion in corporate taxes, in order to drive a huge underground economy beyond what exists today due to GST, and to provide these corporations with a windfall profit, while requiring nothing in the way of new investment, while causing a dampening of consumer activity, that is inevitable with a 13% tax on everything) and 100% behind her call for a fairer more equitable and universal Employment Insurance benefit program, another measure opposed by her husband Jim Flaherty.

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