Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pulp fiction of ill repute

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget ToStar on your media "hit lists" a.k.a. those responsible for spreading the tax leakage pandemic.

This trust investor has a huge axe to grind with those bastards in ToStar besides their lack of reporting or investigation on the Income Trust issue.

Hmm the promotion for incompetence, I learned that is an old Julius Cesar tactic. But I agree Canadians suck for promoting Flaherty and we should all be giving our heads a shake.

May 19, 2009 9:44 PM

Carol Goar (of Toronto Star aka Torstar Inc. aka ToStar):
"I didn't explore the possibility that [Flaherty] was lying [about tax leakage]..... Perhaps I should have?"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for this one. I feel like such a VIP after seeing this ...

Wow, this helps makes up for some of my injustices with ToStar. Generally very scary CON people.

FYI - A long detailed CAITI posting on ToStar from back in March actually saved a weekend and prevented a pile of marital problems ... who knew CAITI postings could be so useful in so many weird and wonderful ways?

Basically I got asked/told to do a crappy, crappy weekend gig, very last minute due to a staff f-ck up. I am a contractor so I have the choice to turn it down. There were clear indicators if I did the job, I would be walking into a very bad scene and it would be very difficult to do my job with professionalism.
As usual the money was shit. To top it all off, it was made clear I was expected to do extra work outside their contract, stay 2 hours longer at the site (no good reason other than to make the ad rep look good) for this lower paying publication and meet their stupid tight deadline at the same time. For what I do, it is a flat rate per assignment, the rate depends on the publication, so you have to consider your time and all job details very carefully before agreeing. They like to pull "fast ones" by deliberately omitting important details and breaking their own contracts knowing most contributors will not stick up for their rights. They know it is too expensive in the long run and just not worth it.

In March I needed the money, but obviously not badly enough to justify getting screamed at by my partner for disrespecting myself professionally (he is right) and generally ruining a nice weekend. Lucky me the CAITI posting came within a minute. It reminded me what a horrific company they really are. Obviously I had to add Trust Units to my long list of reasons why this company sucks.
Thanks to CAITI, I politely responded I wasn't available. That posting also reminded me I had some Trust Unit dividend money coming in for my cash account. I realized if we were a bit short for bills, I could take some from my cash account with minimal impact and avoid using the line of credit. Those Trust Units have paid me way more over the years and have treated me with so much more respect that ToStar ever has.

Please keep up the fight on this issue and sticking up for all Canadian investors.

With gratitude to all Trust Unit activists.

Oh yeah, you Dr. Mike and our Greek friend whose name I can't remember or spell right now, would probably really enjoy the HBO/BBC mini series "Rome".