Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mark Carney. Just visiting.

Mark Carney. Just visiting. And raping and pillaging.

First with Goldman Sachs on behalf of Russian oligarchs ripping off Russian citizens under the regime of Russian privatizations under Yeltsin and then in the Department of Finance on behalf of Canadian wannabe life insurance oligarchs under Harper.

He’ll do whatever it takes. Manufacture tax leakage numbers. Lie to all Canadians. Restrict growth of Canadian companies while in Canadians’ hands, but not foreigners. Allow pensions funds a special exemption, not permitted RRSPs. Create a two tiered pension system in Canada. Provide tax subsidies to groups like Abu Dhabi Energy to acquire Prime West Energy or Hong Kong billionaire to buy TransAlta Power, while displacing average Canadians who were happily paying taxes and providing themselves a means with which to retire with dignity and replace them with billionaire foreign investors who pay zero taxes?

In the absence of allowing it to become an income trust, allow BCE to leverage itself up under US private equity ownership until it becomes insolvent, so BCE can pay Goldman Sachs an advisory fee of $48 million and pay $793 million less in taxes per year than as an income trust. Eliminate the 15% withholding tax to ZERO otherwise paid by foreigners on interest on corporate debt that is already deductible for income taxes here in Canada, such that these foreigners can strip pretax earnings of Canadians companies out of this country TOTALLY TAX FREE.

Mark Carney.....just visiting, and raping and pillaging on behalf of foreign interests. If Michael Ignatieff wishes to prove where his nationalistic interests lie, he can start by exposing all of Mark Carney’s outright falsehoods and the foreign interests that they serve. Not that I doubt Michael’s allegiances. I only question his willingness and political resolve in exposing the truth, in light of his oft repeated comment of “Canadians deserve the truth”. From where? The bottom of a Cracker Jack box, or from the Leaders of Opposition Parties? If not now, then when?

Why are ABCP investors and GM pensioners getting bailed out with taxpayer money and the rape of income trust investors remains hidden under a Liberal bushel? We are not looking for any bailout of any form. We simply want the truth to be told and the fraud known as tax leakage exposed. We take you at your word that “Canadians deserve the truth”. Prove that you are deserving of that faith. Lest it prove fleeting, which it surely will. The question is not whether you are a visitor. The question is whether you are a leader. Barack Obama wants to be known as the Empirical President, by virtue of his intention to base all his policy decisions on the empirical facts of the situation.

No issue in Canada is more fact based in nature than the income trust tax. A policy that saw Canadians lose $35 billion of their retirement savings and has seen all Canadians taxpayers lose $1 billion a year in taxes to solve an alleged $500 million tax leakage problem. Does that sound very wise, where the cure is twice as bad as the alleged disease. What happoness when all the trust get taken out and that tax loss rises to the inevitable $7.5 billion a year? That will be the legacy of Liberal inaction on this file and in exposing the truth behind Mark Carney’s lies. Mark Just visiting....and raping and pillaging....and lying to Canadians and getting away with it, in the absence of effective political opposition.


Dr Mike said...

The big question is "what is the net effect of the trust tax today on gov`t tax revenues & then what will it be in 2011".

There is no one in gov`t who will even attempt to answer that one.

I have my doubts that the opposition parties are willing either.

If there is a negative effect we need to know now so it can be corrected.

Allowing allegiances to certain CEOs to stand in the way of any such investigation is criminal---of course those allegiances may be outweighed by a desire not to look foolish.

Dr Mike

PS---I just wish that Carney , Harper , Flaherty , Baird , Judy W-L , Rosen , Mintz & all those assorted cheese-head CEOs would leave the country for 34 years & leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Brent - we're all waiting for the Liberals to liberate! Looks very much like hell will freeze over first. AND WE'RE SICK OF WAITING!

There are discussions going on in the States about an ANTI-FEDERALIST PARTY. People absolutely fed up with the politicians of every stripe not representing or respecting their constituents or the constitution.

Canada needs to be A Country - not a quasi this, a quasi that, a quasi moto! We're always being forced into being the sandwich filling between Britain and the U.S.A.
The politicians laugh it off and ignore OUR will - the media helps them.

We're sick of it - it is going to change because it has to.