Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maybe Mulroney thought these were executive stock options gains, taxed at half the rate of income?

Mulroney only paid tax on half of Schreiber's $225K

Come to think of it, why are Executive stock options gains taxes at half the rate of income, given no capital is at risk and given this is merely a form of income from employment> Why kind of progressive tax system would see millions in stock option gains taxed at the same marginal tax rate as a person making $25,000 a year? Maybe its all the social good (?) that is served by executive stock options? Just look what stock options did for Bear Stearns or AIG?

Mulroney only paid tax on half of Schreiber's $225K
May. 19 2009 7:58 PM ET
CTV.ca News Staff

Brian Mulroney only paid taxes on half of the $225,000 Karlheinz Schreiber paid him to act as a high-profile pitchman for an armoured vehicles project, a public inquiry has heard.

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Anonymous said...

The only reason for thinking Mulroney's cash-money revenue stream was $225,000 is that Brian says it was $225,000.

If you were CRA and heard Mulroney say "$225,000" and Schreiber say "$300,000", who would you believe?

If you were CRA knowing that Justice is watching your decision, whose number would you pick?