Monday, May 18, 2009

Harper's top lies as voted by you:
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Dr Mike said...

It all comes down to "Fairness" & by God , Canadians love "fairness".

A fair fight , all`s fair , fair ball , the Tax Fair-ness Plan.

After all Fairness is the Canadian way.

Why shouldn`t greedy old farts who have too much money (read ... probably more than us) be taxed to create fairness (read ...shaft them so we can have more).

Level that playing field (read ... everybody gets the same no matter how hard you work & save).

Jim Flaherty is a genius (read ... give me a handout & I will vote for you , if not , you are a dolt).

Of course , maybe I am just cynical (read ... still soooooo pissed-off)

Dr Mike

Kephalos said...

Somewhere some time between Pearson and Chretien, it became okay to lie to Parliament. In true British Parliamentary democracy, if you lie to the Speaker, you die on the floor of the House.

Here in Canada, if you're a pup MP, you're trained to tell lies and you get bump to the front for being good at lying.

Harper continues the tradition of perverting Canadian democracy.

By the way, when Mulroney say "No whore like an old whore" he was talking about an olde tyme Liberal from Quebec. So...