Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enough IS Enough, whereas Nothing begets nothing

Judging from my inbox, the Liberals sent out a fundraising letter yesterday under the banner of “Enough is enough” (see below). Evidently enough IS enough, as the Liberal’s Nothing on exposing Harpers’ patent lie about tax leakage begets nothing in the way of the donations being sought by the Liberal Party’s Rocco Rossi. I guess Canadian voters believe in pay for performance in a way distinct from the Boards of BCE, Manulife and Torstar:

Re: Your email entitled: Enough is enough | Trop, c‚est trop

Dear Rocco, and Dear Michael,

I'm very sorry but I and a host of my friends, (really -), cannot support Michael until he realizes he has all the tools to Defeat Harper and to Expose Harper/Flaherty for the Lying, Deceiving, Incompetent individuals they are, by simply focussing on the Loss of $35 Billion from Senior citizens like myself, and the subsequent loss of $Billions of Government revenue, destroyed for years to come, by Harper and Flaherty's income trust massacre of October 31 2006

You and Michael, and all your Party members,(especially the strategists who seem to be hopelessly struggling for a strategy to defeat the Con's), can find it all spelled out in carefully documented research:


Lastly it is my and many, many other concerned Canadian considered opinion that "Money will not get Michael or the Liberals elected!"

Only common sense and the application of tested, proven facts, clearly presented, again and again, (which you have had for years, but failed to utilize properly) will give a Liberal victory.

Your constant requests for money, coupled with your adamant refusal or inability to present the shocking facts, almost bordering on criminality on the part of the Conservatives, which have demonstrably impoverished all Canadians for generations to come, are beginning to reinforce the perception, that Liberals under Michael, are only concerned with their own financial well-being, and are either too uncaring or incompetent at strategy to lead.
Please start to govern yourselves accordingly!

i.e. Stop wasting taxpayers time and money by holding parliamentary hearings on one of your members Nanny Problems, and start hounding the conservatives on their Vandalism and incompetence!
And yes, I mean "Incompetence" for in fact Flaherty is a failed Ambulance Chaser, with no financial Training or qualifications whatsoever, and yet your strategists never mention this fact!

My friends, Family and other associates will start donating to the Liberal Party again, once you exhibit some spine, insight and common sense, by determinedly bring to focus the horrible pillaging of Canadians economic welfare by the corrupt or incompetent conservatives, and cease thinking that donations are your cure-all!.

O. Paul XXXX
Senior Citizen

Me too - Neil Leeson, unemployed Petroleum Engineer since November 2006, Calgary SW (Pinocchio Harper's Riding)

Mr. Rossi
  Until the Liberals do something NOW to show that the CON's are nothing but liars regarding the Tax Fairness Plan, there will not be one damn cent from me. You have got a golden opportunity to show Canadians just what the CON's are and how they ripped off Canadians (me too) to the tune of 35 billion dollars. Tax leakage from Income Trusts is the biggest cover-up ever! What is the matter with you guys, don't you remember what happened to Dion? If you don't get your messaging out, the same thing will happen again, Lets get with it, now. Bruce, Calgary

Mr Rossi , how about doing something for us---expose the income trust lie & you will get my donation--if not , you are on your own Mike.

Me too. – Sean , Montreal

Dear Mr. Rossi
I have donated to the Liberal Party a while back and like to donate again, but I am very disapointed that the Liberal Party has no plan that will make much difference to us. I voted for the Liberals and think like a Liberal, but unless your party is willing to reverse the Income Trust Fund taxation, like Stéphane Dion in a letter to me promissed he will do, it will make no difference to me who runs or ruins this country.
Like Dianne Francis wrote in an article in the National Post, reversing the Income Trust Fund taxation would be the best and immediate stimilus for the economy. This would not cost the tax payers any money, would correct a costly mistake and would give Canadians extra monthly income, income people would spend and thus get the economy on track again. If you make this a Liberal Platform, you will get a lot of votes from seniors and pensioners, including my wife and a donation. 
You must come up with something that helps people to help themselves. Handouts and filling potholes will do little. Canadians are sick to hear yet an other variation to the same tired old tune.
Best Regards

Mr Rossi , you don't need a donation , you need to use the ammunition mr Brent Fullard of C.A.I.T.I. , has and continues to feed you about the destruction of the incredible Income Trust's , which were supposed to cause tax leakage . Read mr Fullards published articles , read the one published recently by Diane Francis , educate yourself , it's really quite simple , i am confused as to why you are not using this powerful information to destroy your opponents . you are right , enough is enough , do the right thing .


Dear Richard ,

Trust the Conservatives to get attack ads out faster than they can deliver their promised stimulus funding. Unable to provide leadership himself, Stephen Harper has launched new ads attempting to divert attention away from his government's failures to fix the economy and to undermine the credibility of the one leader he knows can take his place - Michael Ignatieff.

Enough is enough.

Please make a donation today and help Michael respond with a new kind of politics and hold this government to account. Canadians deserve a government dedicated to solving problems, not partisan attacks. Our future depends on it. Michael's honesty and leadership have already begun to offer Canadians a sense of hope for a brighter future, with a government that will help Canada prosper and grow. Show your support and let's remind the Conservatives that their games won't work - Canada comes first.

Thank you,
Rocco Rossi
National Director
Liberal Party of Canada

Please forward this message to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to get involved . With each new voice, each donation, each new membership, and each letter to the editor our ability to create a new kind of politics continues to grow.


Dr Mike said...

Those letters say it all.

Trust people have been wronged & we are fearful of being wronged again.

The liberals have "hinted" that they will help us if elected---"hinted" is the operative word here.

Personally , I have no desire to be kicked in the groin for a second time--the first was plenty.

Without solid policy in place , I am prepared to run to the nearest exit & take my groin area with me.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...


Millions have been robbed and cheated by those who steal their salaries and benefits from our labours, under the guise of representing Canadians.

And I and many others, also, have no intention of letting these self-annointed manipulators pull the pork loin cloth over our groins again.