Thursday, May 7, 2009

Did anybody due diligence this Dominic D’Alessandro dufus? Did the NDP?

I suspect the answer to this reader’s question below lies in the fact that there are too many ad revenues from Manulie at stake to report on the doings and dirty deeds of Dominic D’Alessandro in the press.

But that does nothing to explain the NDP’s total acquiescence and blind capitulation to Dominic D’Allesandro’s nonsense testimony before Parliament.

Meanwhile, in the greater scheme of things, who really cares about whether Dominic D’Alessandro nearly brought Manulie crashing to the ground based on his decision to bet the farm by not hedging his variable rate annuity products like Income Plus. Like who cares about that? I care about why the press and the politicians are letting Dominic get away with this patent falsehood espoused by him on February 1, 2007, as recorded in Hansard:

Mr. Dominic D'Alessandro:
“The notion and the implication that somehow the government on this file is responding to initiatives that originated with corporations is not based on reality.”

What creationist nonsense! Just like tax leakage itself. Since when was the CEO of Manulie appointed the spokesperson for the government and the all knowing fountainhead of all things on behalf of all corporations, which this nonsense answer presumes him to be?

Where is the press on this? Where is the NDP? Where is Dominic’s retraction? Where is the due diligence? Dominic’s testimony was grossly conflicted by his personal vested interests on income trusts. "Dom" DeLuise would have more credibility testifying on income trusts than Dominic D”Alessandro, comic genius and dufus that he has proven himself to be.

Here’s the question being asked by a reader. Not so sure whether Dominic ever corroborated Flaherty’s lie about tax leakage, but then neither has Jim himself (or the lame media) apart from 18 pages of blacked incriminations. Furthermore I think the analogy to Madoff is better directed at Flaherty, than Dominic, who was simply the obvious and intended beneficiary of Flaherty’s income trust fraud:

Readers' question:

“When is somebody in the press going to speak out against this imbecile?

First he corroborates a lie (tax leakage for income trusts) that extinguishes $35 billion worth of savings for average Canadians so that he can sell more of his mismanaged "income plus" product and then he skips off in to the sunset with his pockets lined full of MFC shareholder money - Mr. "worth every penny" - as I said to someone else - makes Madoff look like a pre-game skate!

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Dr Mike said...

Until the media moves on this issue , the public will be content with the so-called-"Tax Fairness"

The media will not move until someone in the House of Commons gets off of their butt & looks into this mess.

They are paid to look out for our best interests , so why do we get such low value for our money.

Dr Mike