Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have stopped answering these questions. Time for the Liberal Party to speak for itself.


Thank you for your inquiry below, as you are one of a vast number of Canadian taxpayers asking this essential question of where the Liberals stand on the income trust tax/fraudulent rip-off of taxpaying Canadians, including the 402 taxpaying voters who posed this very question on the Liberal’s own solicitation of questions on “Ask the PM a question” which we foolishly thought meant ask the PM a question here.

Out of complete respect for you and for my own credibility, I no longer wish to place myself in the precarious position of speaking on behalf of the Liberal Party on this matter. What I may be told in private by people like Michael Ignatieff is completely irrelevant, as their public statements are the only thing that have currency and/or taxpayer advocacy associated with them.

To date we have heard nothing definitive from the Liberal Party under its new leadership, despite repeated requests by people like myself for such “clarity”.

You would think that the Liberals would be reaching out to groups like CAITI before coming out with their position on income trust and how to “message” it properly this time, and for maximum effect. Such is not the case, despite repeated attempts on my part for such collaborative effort. I wonder if Don Drummond from TD Bank would get the same brush off? See Globe article of Friday entitled:“TD’s power of persuasion”.

I hope all is well with you as well. No doubt the answer you have put to the Liberals will have a bearing on your well being and that of all taxpaying Canadians., who are being ravaged by this income trust policy and the loss of $7.5 billion in annual tax revenue that it will soon represent, if these paid elected members of Parliament continue to focus on the issues that are NOT the priorities of Canadians, such as Ruby Dhalla’s alleged abuse of two houseworkers, meanwhile all taxpayers are being abused by Harper’s fraud concerning alleged tax leakage and the abuse of our democracy that this represents.

Tough call? Two allegedly abused house workers warrants Parliamentary Hearings on 24 hour notice and fraud by Harper does not? Maybe Harper’s fraud will be dealt with on the same 14 year time frame of Mulroney’s influence peddling, or maybe never at all?

If someone from the Liberal Party intends to answer Will’s question, then I would be happy to forward you his email address.

> From: willw
> Subject: position ?
> To:
> Received: Friday, May 15, 2009, 3:03 PM

> B. Fullard
> We hope you are
> well.
> Do you know what the
> present position of the
> Liberal Party now
> is, under the new
> leadership of Ignatieff,
> regarding "re-visiting"
> the Trust Tax issue
> ?
> W.W.


Bruce Benson said...

My letter to the Liberals.

Just what is the Liberal Policy on Income Trusts? When are you going to properly message the Income Trust Tax, all the lies and distortions? Additionally, you have a golden opportunity to tell Canadians about the absolute incompetence of the CON's. Lets get it on! If you need help with the messaging details regarding the facts and details of the trust lies, CAITI will be more than willing to give you the helping hand you need.

Dr Mike said...

To the Liberal Party of Canada

I will gladly volunteer as many hours as need be to work on the trust policy as well--no charge , free , gratis.

I am retired & motivated (still pissed-off to the nth degree & not getting any happier)

Dr Mike.

PS---Bruce Benson & I will gladly put together an add or two if you wish--again no charge , free. gratis.