Wednesday, May 13, 2009

“Provide the Proof or Fire the Goof"

Comment on National Post article of May 11, entitled: “Ignatieff supports changing Canada’s two-ocean motto”

J Birch, writes: Well that's a nice 5 minute exercise. I have no problem with it. Now let's get back to rebuilding our economy [and our democracy]. Let's start by canceling the Energy Royalty & Income Trusts attack of Mr Harper's. Or force Flaherty to publish that alleged justification for trust taxation with the 18 pages unblacked out . Provide the Proof, or Fire the Goof. .

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Dr Mike said...

J Birch is absolutely right!!

Why do we need the leader of the opposition worrying about 2 seas or three.

He needs to be proposing changes to stimulate the economy , the first of which needs be the repealing of the trust tax which will reach a start point in 2011.

Economic stimulation with no cost to taxpayer.

Now that is much better than the billions in taxpayer cash to bailout the car industry from which we can only be losers.

Dr Mike