Thursday, May 7, 2009

You can't pay for this kind of theatre!! Or can you?

Ah yes Brent but don't forget Mr. Gordon Brown - former UK central bank head . . . In 1999 he sold 60% of Britain's gold (400 tons) to Goldman (who were caught short on gold at the time) at 20 year lows on gold ($250-270/oz)! The infamous "Brown bottom"! His reward for such stupidity - why he now runs the UK government.

Don't worry our own gaggle of incompetent Bank of Canada serfs were equally pliant for the Rothschild's - how much of Canada's gold reserve has been "re-distributed" in the new world of fiat currencies . . . No worries, Goldman will help us find better "paper" to invest the proceeds in . . Perhaps some nice AAA rated CMOs @ 50bp spreads to gold lease rates because S&P and Moody's know better - right?!?

How about Carney - he helps Goldman to some sweet Canadian resource assets by helping to dismantle the income trust market that had prevented foreign takeovers - his reward? Move over Mr. Jenkins Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada - and rightful heir to the throne, we suddenly found somebody more "qualified" in a certain Mr. Carney . . . Because the brilliant Mr. Flaherty knows where his next gig is, he is a
lawyer after all (probably a lot cheaper than Gord Brown).

You can't pay for this kind of theatre!!


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