Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This makes too much sense to ever be considered by our paid elected MPs

Calvin: Don’t be fooled by our politicians “issues of the day”, as these are only the means to get elected and to appear sympathetic in voters’ eyes.


Two of our Governments biggest challenges receiving a great deal of attention lately are:

1) loss of tax revenue's contributing to the overall deficit problem

2) retirement fears among the 75% of Canadians without pension plans (now finally and widely being addressed by the media)

These events are now been brought forward to the public in a big way and it would seem to me that the Conservatives (or the Liberals) have a ready answer to help with both problems.

Put a moratorium on the Income Trust Tax, either entirely or, pending further "study"

One of the very sad ironies is that while we (75% of pension-less Canadians) are having our retirements viciously threatened via the flawed and corrupt Income Trust Tax our good government expects to use our tax dollars to bail out the auto sector with their fat pensions.

How much more can we be expected to take from these jokers?


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Dr Mike said...

As income trust investors , all we wanted was to be left alone--we would look after ourselves & gladly pay our taxes , asking for nothing like the bailouts that we will be responsible for now with GM.

If politicians only had a clue.

Unfortunately , it would be lonely.

Dr Mike Popovich