Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three articles in the last three days on Harper's "greatest theft of private wealth".

Photo: Stevie "Raiding Seniors Nest Eggs" Harper of the infamous 18 pages of blacked out document biker gang

Recent articles on “the greatest government theft of private wealth in history” Gerry Baker, Guelph Mercury

1. May 12th: Guelph Mercury: Flaherty's miscues give us reason to worry
2. May 11th: Hill Times: Who will employ mindset of Obama’s empirical president to Harper’s imperial prime minister?
3. May 9th: Calgary Herald: Critic says taxing trusts will cost feds billions


Dr Mike said...

Could it be that a crack is finally developing in the Media/Con kissy-face show??

Let us hope that democracy will finally be served & not just served-up.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Not only did the Conservatives fail to produce evidence of 'tax leakage'(18 blacked out pages),the given reason for whacking income trusts,but there is considerable evidence of tax gains.If this is so and the Whack was as a result of lobbying legal or illegal,many questions come to mind.
One question being that if under the income trust structure a steady and substantial income could be returned to the owners,what then was happening to the money under the corporate structure?Was there at least a possibility that this money was not forthcoming due to malfeasance or misfeasance by the servants of the corporation?
This is the question that Mr.Corcoran and his ilk were praying would never come up.