Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don’t the Liberals realize that exposing Harper's lie about tax leakage would be like a free $20 million ad buy?

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By revealing Harper’s lie about tax leakage the Liberals would expose Harper as the lying incompetent that he is. How many Canadians want a lying incompetent for PM? Wouldn’t make Jack Layton look too bright either?

Tories aim attack ads ‘far and wide'

Globe and Mail Update
May 13, 2009 at 12:09 PM EDT

OTTAWA — A day after launching attack ads against Michael Ignatieff on the Internet, the Harper Conservatives are bringing out the big guns for a sustained and broad negative campaign against the Liberal Leader — launching six spots to run on national TV.

The Conservatives are stepping up their attacks on Mr. Ignatieff in order to end what they suggest has been a “free ride” for the Liberal Leader in the Canadian media.

The move comes after a slew of polls over the past few weeks showing Mr. Ignatieff's Liberals ahead in voter intentions.

Tory officials, introducing the ads on condition they not be named, refused to say how much they're spending or where exactly the ads will run.

The ad buy will be “sizeable and will commence running on television today,” one Conservative official said.

“You will see those ads far and wide.”



Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you, Brent. I don't understand why the Liberals aren't hammering away at this.This is a gift!What the Hell is the matter with them?

I can only think of one reason, the Liberals have no intention of reversing the tax.

The longer this goes on, the less hope I have.

They are paying a bit of lip service to the issue in question period, perhaps in hopes of soliciting a donation from any Trusters watching.

I am about to write our MP an email, saying there is a $400 cheque with his name on it, as soon as I hear Ignatieff say the tax will be reversed.

More Rant:

Now that they have some money in the kitty, they should also be bringing out their own anti Harper attack ads(not an economist) and anti

Flaherty ads(not a finance minister),but that's another story.
Just today,I received 2 junk flyers from the Cons,one from Del Mastro and one from Prentice,no postage required.


Harold Towes

Anonymous said...

The Libs are chickensh.......

If they had any brains, they'd concoct some simple 15-second TV ads.

"Stephen Harper is not a leader - instead of managing the economy for Canadians, he closed Parliament, squandered revenue and spent more time overseas on photo op's than taking care of your needs."

A script writer could say it better but it would do the deed of creating doubt about CON competence.


Anonymous said...

I guess they don't want to fire all the ammunition too soon. Let Harper fire off all his blanks and then move in for the kill. IMHO, Iggy is smarter than Harper and is focussed on the end game.


Anonymous said...

What are the reasons for the Liberals not confronting the Tories
What are the reasons for the Liberals not confronting the Tories on the lie about income trusts? It may simply come down to a little family togetherness.. You Know! A family that stays together,thrives together! To me, It becomes obvious that an individual like Paul Desmarais, Jr, who,s family is rated among the worlds richest has strong links to the past and present Liberal party. This guy yields a big stick and has an unmistakable agenda to kill income trusts. Hence! The reason for the Liberals pussy footing around this issue!
The possibility of the Liberals getting a majority in an election are slim to none. They would be outnumbered in a vote on ammending the trust tax by the other parties. So! Posturing on this income trust issue gains them valuable votes in the next election and they keep their credability because they tried eh! Anyway! That,s the writing I see on the wall. I can,t come up with any other rational explanation. I hope I,m wrong but my gutt says I,m not!I,ll never give up the fight though! Actually, this infuriates me even more at the thought of being suckered again.

An example:=

In 1974, Desmarais senior named employee Paul Martin, Jr. as president of a Power Corporation subsidiary, Canada Steamship Lines Inc. In 1981, he sold the company to Laurence Pathy and Paul Martin, Jr.. The latter became Prime Minister of Canada on December 12, 2003.

-- Desmarais has two sons: Paul Jr. and André (who is married to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's daughter France) and two daughters, Sophie and Louise.


--- Bob Rae's brother, John, is a Vice-President of Power Corporation and a prominent member of the Liberal Party.

Enough said !


Dr Mike said...

It`s time to see what the Libs are really made of.

Are they just more of the same old Con blather or are they a party with actual moral standing.

Are they a party who will do the right thing & tell Canadians the truth behind the trust tax & actually stick up for the little guy who pays their salaries.

Wouldn`t it be nice to get value for our money for a change.

Dr Mike

PS---If the Libs do not attack "in kind" they might as well pucker-up because all they will have left is to kiss their asses goodbye.