Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mulroney at odds with Harper on whether Prime Ministers have a duty of public trust

Today under cross examination by Oliphant Inquiry counsel Richard Wolfson asked Brian Mulroney whether Prime Ministers owe Canadians a duty of Public Trust while serving as Prime Minister and while serving as ex Prime Minister. Brian Mulroney answered yes to both of these questions.

This puts Mulroney at a stark contrast to Stephen Harper who invokes the public’s trust in letters to income trust investors that read “Canadians must trust” but does nothing to earn that trust. In Harper’s world the duty of trust is one that flows from Canadians to him, and not from him to Canadians.

As I testified before Parliament on January 31, 2007, this is the world in reverse. Democracy in reverse. Public trust in reverse.

Harper is an out and out liar, (as well as being an in and out liar). First he lied when he said he would never tax income trusts or raid seniors’ nest eggs. Then he attempted to deny he ever said such a thing during Question Period. And worst of all, Harper lied about the premise on which he broke his solemn and oft repeated promise to never tax income trusts. That’s because tax leakage is a demonstrable and provable lie. There is no greater lie told, than one that can be quantitatively derived.

Two plus two does not equal three, as Harper maintains. Two plus two equals four and for that Harper has acted in defiance of the standards of even Brian Mulroney, and has done nothing to earn the public trust, but has abused it with his deceitful ways, aided and abetted in large measure by the Canadian press, the Globe and Mail, CBC, CTV, National Post etc, etc.


Dr Mike said...

Maybe we need to include Jim Flaherty in this discussion .

As he left his time as our Fin Min in Ontario he publicly told us that we had a surplus on the books.

After leaving for Federal politics an audit showed that this surplus was actually a 5.6 billion deficit.

So much for public trust.

So much for holding him accountable --unless giving him a promotion has anything at all to do with accountability.

Dr Mike

Bruce Benson said...

What does it say about Canadians who will take a liar (Flaherty) and promote him to a higher position of trust? Come on Canadians, give your heads a shake. Reminds me of the idiots who could not see through to the truth of the morally contemptible Stephen Harper which was reported to in a previous post (Iggy's Contemptible Words).

Anonymous said...

Don't forget ToStar on your media "hit lists" a.k.a. those responsible for spreading the tax leakage pandemic.

This trust investor has a huge axe to grind with those bastards in ToStar besides their lack of reporting or investigation on the Income Trust issue.

Hmm the promotion for incompetence, I learned that is an old Julius Cesar tactic. But I agree Canadians suck for promoting Flaherty and we should all be giving our heads a shake.