Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Gag and Mal

I don't know what the problem is here, as the Globe had no problem printing all of Flaherty's lies about tax leakage and the like?

Kept Schreiber deal secret to guard reputation, Mulroney says

Canadian Press
Globe and Mail

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Stressing there was nothing illegal about his dealings, former PM says Airbus corruption accusations ‘scarred me and my family for life' ...Read the full article

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Sunstone’s reply on a different thread

BS !

G&M have no legal exposure for comments made on a blog by others.

The comments by others are those individuals problem, not the Globe's.

Glad we have our troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan to bring freedom of speech there .... when it is abridged here.

What a crock.

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Dr Mike said...

Legal reasons??

Legal reasons??

Um , ok.

That must be similar to the Privy Council demanding the return of the 18 blacked-out pages released under the Access to Info Act as it was a security issue.

Security issue , legal reasons--just fancy lawyer driven names for denying freedom of speech.

Dr Mike