Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Rocco:

Please stand up for me, and I shall stand up for you

Dear Rocco:
Thanks so much for your plea. I am sympathetic. Really I am. I hate to see Iggy being gutted in the same manner as Harper destroyed Stephane. Gutter politics revolts me. Harper revolts me.
I have supported the Liberal Party all of my life. In the most recent federal election I worked for our local candidate an average of 6 hours for every day of the campaign. Since in this riding we only place signs on private property, I organized a phone campaign of known Liberal sympathizers in the months prior to the election call which gave us a massive lead on sign locations. We planted 2000 on the Sunday the writ dropped. I opened the campaign office at 8:00 every morning and worked, until mid-afternoon at least, doing whatever was needed from manning the phones, to greeting visitors, to knocking on doors, to pounding in signs. A friend and I also removed fully a third of the riding signs in the 4 days following the disastrous election defeat. That was soul-destroying, but appreciated by our supporters. 
In 2007 I contributed $1600 to the Federal Liberal Party, and a further $1275 in 2008. I am prepared to make a 4-digit donation in 2009. I have done my bit. Now it is your turn.
I am awaiting the Liberal Party casting in stone a commitment to right the wrong done by the Harper gang and cancel the ludicrous 31% tax imposed upon income trusts. Let trusts function in parallel with corporations. Let retirees take advantage of the same income streams open to pension plans. Let a truly transparent form of business organization flourish or die on its own merits, without skewing the playing field in favour of the big corporations. Goodale called for input and decided to let trusts live. Do you stand by his decision? Thousands of retirees who depend upon income trust income are awaiting your commitment. Why should we throw our support behind local Liberal candidates? Give us a reason.
My support (both financial and personal) depends upon your response to my plea. Make the commitment and I shall move Heaven and earth to elect a local Liberal. Reject me and I shall turn my back on the political process and donate my time and remaining money to charities which actually serve my interests. I'm sick of being played as a sucker by politicians. Harper lied to me. Don't put yourselves into that same club. I like to think that Liberals are better than that. Prove it.
It is that simple. Please stand up for me, and I shall stand up for you. Reject me and I shall have to kiss you off.
William Barrowclough
Peterborough, Ontario


Dr Mike said...

Wow---great letter William.

You have precisely stated exactly what all Liberal supporting trust investors are thinking.

My support will also be contingent upon a policy statement by Mr Ignatieff.

Making a policy pronouncement in a public fashion makes it just that more difficult to ignore or turn your back on---well in Mr Harper`s case , not so much so.

Dr Mike

CAITI said...

Dr. Mike:

Re: William, the Barrowclough

Apart from his great letter of today to Rocco Rossi, William Barrowclough was also the one who testified before the Public Hearings and was the one who met face to face with Flaherty in a private meeting arranged by Garth Turner following Question Period....that left Flaherty visibly shaken...for good reason, as Flaherty is a fraud artist who ripped Canadians off from $35 billion of their life’s savings by basing his policy on the manufactured and patently false argument of tax leakage

William made that known to Flaherty in no uncertain terms and told Flaherty that he had destroyed the insurance settlement that had been left to him, his children and their children as the only testament to their loving mother who had been taken from them by the reckless act of a drunk driver. William informed Flaherty that he was the second drunk driver to have entered their lives. How true. How sad. How very, very wrong.

So what is being done about it by the opposition parties? Virtually nothing, unless it suites their purposes, and at a time of their possible convenience if and whenever that might arise. That is what passes for democracy in Canada.

Barrowclough was also the person who Diane Urquhart tried to tamper with on the eve of his testimony before Parliament. A fact that William brought to the attention of Life Insurance Salesman and Finance Committee Chairman, Brian Palliser of Palliser Insurance Brokers, but which was summarily ignored and passed over. I think that is covered on page 137 of Harper’s 200 pages manual on how to render Parliamentary Committees dysfunctional.......just in case you need a reason to renege on a fixed election promise.

Isn’t democracy in Canada wonderful? Not. The only thing worse is the Canadian business press, who gleefully write stories about their conspiracy theory known as tax leakage.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rossi,

Recently I have received a letter and several phone calls asking me to donate to the Liberal party as I did in the last election. I want to be clear that my donation was for Liberal candidate Brent Fullard who was running against the worst finance minister ever, Jim Flaherty.

I did not support the Liberal Green Shift program which was a disaster that in my view would have eclipsed Jim Flaherty’s incompetent handling of our economy. Nevertheless, I supported Mr. Fullard as he is a clear thinking individual who has spend literally thousand of hours and dollars fighting to bring attention the massive capital destruction of Canadian’s wealth and the annual billions of dollars of tax loss to the Canadian Government (read “The Canadian People”). I am of course speaking of the income trust debacle.

What has struck me is that the Liberal party remains largely silent on this issue. Why? This is one of the most egregious attacks on Canadian’s wealth and well being. The billions of dollars of lost tax dollars caused by Flarhety’s ruinous double taxation of income trusts are sorely needed in these difficult times. Seniors have had to go back to work to make ends meet because their RRSP’s and RRIF’s have been decimated. Children’s RESP accounts have been destroyed risking their access to higher education. Yet the attention of the Liberal Party is focused on anything but this issue.

I am deeply disappointed in your party. I have told your telephone solicitors and I am now telling you that I will not donate one more penny unless this issue is adequately responded to and addressed by the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party is doing a deep disservice to the Canadian people by not doing so.

Please remove me from your calling and mailing lists until such time as your party chooses to act responsibly and forcefully on this issue.


Randy Meyer
Calgary, AB
(Harper’s Riding)

Anonymous said...

These are my sentiments exactly, as stated by William Barrowclough.

Les Parsneau
Collingwood, ON