Thursday, May 28, 2009

We know where $4.3 billion of the $50 billion went to!

At least we know where $4.3 billion of the $50 billion went to.

Think of it as “stimulus dollars” and/or “shovel ready money” used to bury the McGuinty government.

That money was used to kick start the HST in Ontario, with Flaherty using $4 billion of taxpayers borrowed money to provide McGuinty with the means to bribe Ontario voters with a $1,000 check, actually a $1,000 perpetual mortgage that can never be paid off by consumers via the 13% HST tax on everything.

This $4 billion was a win win for the Flaherty household. First, it isn’t Flaherty’s money to begin with. Second it provides the means by which the Ontario Conservatives can defeat the McGuinty government in the next election, as the HST is understandably highly unpopular, with two thirds of Ontarians opposed to the tax, notwithstanding the Flaherty funded $1,000 bribe. Third, the HST allows Flaherty to play to his true constituency, which isn’t the voters of Whitby-Oshawa, but rather the corporations who are getting a tax reduction under all of this, sustained initially by the $4 billion from Ottawa (read: you) and then the $2 billion a year from Ontario consumers (read: you).

With the HST, Christine Elliott now has two planks to her Leadership platform instead of just one She is the spouse of Jim Flaherty AND she professes to hate the HST.

I wonder what Christine Elliott says to the corporations who are the beneficiaries, when she speaks with them in private meetings? No doubt she has learned duplicity from the master of duplicity, her husband Jim Duplicity Flaherty.

From “no deficits in sight” to the “largest deficit in Canadian history”, in the space of six short months. That deficit would “only” have been $45.7 billion, if the need to defeat the McGuinty government at Flaherty’s wife’s behest, had not been top of the list of budget priority items.


Dr Mike said...

Here`s hoping she can push Jimmy towards the "Flat" Tax---she is on the right road with that one.

Hell , maybe we could replace Jim with a potted plant (a major step up).

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent

I'm sure you witness the raucous in Ottawa. Flaherty never had an idea what he was doing and the results are becoming clear now. You pointed out in the hearings about Income Trust Funds, that the consequences will have devastating effects on the economy.

For this moron of a Finance Minister to cut GST and personal income taxes was an election gimmick, not for the benefit of Canadians. Now he wonders why the deficit is growing so fast? More unemployed people means little or no income tax can be collected from them. Less income from corporations and less income from GST! When this man destroys $30 billion or so on the Income Trust Funds, many seniors and pensioners scrambled to cash-in and are now sitting on the money. Of course that means a lot less extra income for these seniors and pensioners and thus a lot less spending power. Now the Auto Industry is going bust as well and Ontario is fast becoming a have-not Province.

If Flaherty would be running China he would dump all the US Dollar holdings, reduce the $2 trillion reserves into $500 billion over night and claim he did it for the good of the country and world economy! China would hang him for high treason, we in Canada keep him at his job; way to go Harper!


Anonymous said...

Poor Dalton
The HST is probably a good idea....but
a) Dalton changed the rules so now his government cant sell the concept to Ontarions
b) its now apparent the idea came from Deficit Jim..the most incompetent twit EVER to have been finance minister. On top of the income trust issue he royally screwed up the Ontario economy AND is / was behind the religious school funding issue that destroyed Eaves and Tory. Oh...BTW Jimmy and Christine are owners a private school.
More C of I or just more stupidity. It never ends......

Anonymous said...

Really sucks to be a resident of Ontario these days.

For now, Go Randy Hillier go. Yesterday's posting indicated he is in support of an election now, so people can vote on the HST. Who knows maybe it is possible to have a referendum over the HST?

Very sad day when it comes down to a CON doing the right thing on behalf of members of the public. Don't care if he is just doing it as a publicity stunt. Regular people could benefit with a vote on HST.

Hmm very interesting the ownership of a private school. Didn't know. Explains so much. Sounds scary. No doubt programming is Christian CON with interesting interpretations when it comes to math.

Jay said...

I fail to see the problem with hst. Its all bluster. We begged for it in Newfoundland and we have higher taxes. It eliminated taxing a tax. As for exempted goods. Get over it, inflation has the same effect every year.

I find it strange conservatives are the ones complaining as this is their bread and butter brought to them by the guys they voted for federally. I don't see them pilloring the feds, just Dalton. Speaks volumes.

I'd like to suggest that things equal out, hst may be on everything but think of the massive cash they supposedly saved on the Harper gst cuts. Balance is good. One would think even after hst they have cash to burn.