Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dunce cap? No that’s still firmly on the head of the NDP

NDP Finance Critic Thomas Mulcair had this to say about Jim Flaherty today:

"He's wearing the dunce cap of all Canadian finance ministers," he said of Flaherty. "He swore up and down (last fall) that we would never go back to deficits. Then he said there was not going to be a recession.

"If we want to get out of this mess, the government's got to start telling the truth and the whole truth."

Truth? The whole truth? Flaherty? Dunce Cap?

Well isn’t that telling, as the NDP were the ones to buy hook, line and sinker about Flaherty’s totally fallacious argument (read: LIE) that income trusts cause tax leakage, as the rationale behind why the NDP thought it was good government policy to destroy $35 billion of Canadians pension savings and to leave Canadian companies vulnerable to foreign takeover like Abu Dhabi Energy acquiring Prime West Energy Trust or Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing acquiring TransAlta Power income fund.

That makes the NDP the dunce cap wearers of all time. It also makes them into total hypocrites on matters they profess to hold dearly, like pension security, economic sovereignty, aversion to foreign takeovers, transparency and accountability and having sufficient tax revenue to fund needed social programs.

Meanwhile the New Dunce-cap Party of Canada’s support for the income trust tax would have seen BCE become a junk bond insolvent disaster that paid ZERO, versus $793 million more as an income trust and has seen $100 billion in trust policy related takeovers that have caused the loss of over $1 billion a year in tax revenues...a number that will become $7.5 billion a year unless the NDP take off their blinders on the issue of alleged tax leakage being the total hoax and fraud that it is.

Only then, will the NDP have any basis to remove the Dunce Cap that is so firmly on their head.....and pass it over to Jim Flaherty.

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Dr Mike said...

It`s too late for Jim Flaherty to redeem himself but not for the NDP.

Thomas Mulcair is one of the few financially bright bulbs in Ottawa.

So come on Thomas , time to knock that dunce cap off of Cappy Jack & do the right think by the people.

Dr Mike