Thursday, December 18, 2008

Flaherty announces Billionaires Boys Club to advise (mislead?) him

Flaherty establishing economic advisory council to give government advice

The Council members are:

* Carole Taylor (chair)
.....BC politician and Finance Minister who sent letter in support of Flaherty's income trust tax and provided no supporting rationale or quantitative justification

* Geoff Beattie.......Heads up multi billionaire Thomson Family holding company.....controls CTVGlobeMedia who constantly misreport on income trust policy and promulgate Flaherty's patently false lies about tax leakage

* Paul Desmarais, Jr......son of billionaire, successfully lobbied (even though he is not registered as a lobbyist) Harper to kill income trusts to enhance his sales of competing investment products for personal gain

* George Gosbee
......head of Calgary’s Tristone Capital who would love to sell more Calgary companies like Prime West Energy to foreigners like Abu Dhabi Energy

* Isabelle Hudon
......39 year old CEO, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. She has been on other panels set up by Flaherty

* James D. Irving......second generation billionaire

* Mike Lazaridis......RIM co-founder and self made billionaire. Likes back dating stock options for personal gain, for which he subsequently received Canada's largest ever securities violation fine

* Jack Mintz accountant and former civil servant who has a penchant for fudging the numbers and constructing false argument for income trust tax leakage

* James A. Pattison
.....self made of four members of BCE”s Strategic Oversight committee that failed to disclose Catalyst recap the end, the only deal that was viable. Oh well, not his loss....just the widows and orphans.

* Ajit Someshwar
...... C.E.O. of CSI Consulting idea who this person is

* Annette Verschuren
.......CEO of Home Depot Canada....she takes her orders from the US Head Office of Home Depot


Anonymous said...

Where are the names of ordinary Canadians ( like me ) that can tell Flaherty what is needed to make a normal family survive a financial crisis like we are having.

These guys don't have to worry how the bill's are going to get paid.

What a joke.

Richard G

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here.

The same individuals who contributed to the income trusts' debacle.


Anonymous said...

Leaves my wondering why we have a Finance Dept., how many people work in it? Another bunch to the public trough.

Jerr the Bear

Anonymous said...

Read about this in the Globe and Mail - of course no names given. Thank you for clarifying and filling in the gap mainstream media missed. Handy to know.

Anonymous said...

It's just a whitewash anyway, in the end the supreme dictator will do what he thinks is is best for us poor minions!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information!!

So, just a P. R. exercise and no help to come to us "Plebes". I wish I could say that I was surprised but, I Am Not!!!!


Dr Mike said...

I contacted Flaherty`s office & offered my services.

They said "no".

Go figure.

I was too poor I guess.

DR Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mike:

Canada is a society in which the ruling elite want to be kept free of vexing exposure to the unfiltered opinions of those they rule.