Monday, May 4, 2009

Conrad Black on feckless suggestions.......from a jail cell

Conrad Black today:“ It must be said that Barack Obama tosses out apparently feckless suggestions about important matters rather flippantly.”......just like Harper with his flippant vacuous promise to never raid seniors nest eggs by double taxing income trusts, followed by the even more feckless assertion that “income trusts cause tax leakage”.

Harper’s tax leakage argument is a lie. As such his income trust tax and the losses it caused are a fraud that MUST be exposed to restore democracy to Canada. A fraud perpetrated for the benefit of a pre-identified group of known beneficiaries and a fraudulent conveyance of wealth.

Harper and Flaherty should be keeping Conrad Black a jail cell


Dr Mike said...

Whoa , that conjures up an interesting image---the old tin cup across the bars (Jim could do the low ones).

How sweet is that!!!!!

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

It sure beats me why anyone gives a rat's anal aperture (as His Lardship would undoubtedly put it) what he says about anything as he tries to delude himself that his opinions matter to anyone but the zombiest of neocon true-faithful. It clearly hasn't dawned on him that getting caught stealing from the RICH in, of all places, the USA has amply demonstrated the limits of his cleverness and severely undermined his credibility in any respect, not least when he presumes to second-guess the President of the United States through the medium of a torrent of sesquipedalian prose. Someone send him a knitting kit and shut him up.