Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CTVGlobeMedia circle....

Maybe Andy Willis can give us an update on how Kevin O’Leary’s recent offering that was advertised on the full back page of the Globe and Mail, that offered income trust investors the once in a lifetime mail before midnight tonight opportunity to tender their devalued income trusts to Kevin O”Leary so that he can earn a fee stream:. Has it reached the “$100 million threshold of relevancy”? Speaking of which where’s Andy Willis’ $100 million threshold of relevancy when it comes to tax leakage?

"The $100-million threshold is relevant because so few closed-end funds have hit this level of relevancy. The O'Leary Global Income Opportunities Fund - the latest offering from BNN TV host Kevin O'Leary - got this kind of backing in February."

Andrew Willis, Globe and Mail

Hello Globe? Is anyone home? Investigative reporters missing in action?


Anonymous said...

The ToadRunner

Andy Willies - the intellectual Chrysler Product equivalent

I really am as stupid as I look


Dr Mike said...

On one hand we have the Washington Post & Bob Woodward both Pulitzer prize winners.

On the other hand we have the Globe & Mail and Andrew Willis both I am sure must have won something.

Dr Mike