Friday, May 1, 2009

Good morning Brent,

Brent: Below is a copy of what I wrote to the liberal party this morning. Just want you to know that others work with you on your mission. Thank you always for the learned and honest representation that you give to Canadians. 


Yes, this must be an exciting time for you, Mr. Ignatieff.

I wish it were so for the 2 million people that are and had been investors of Income Trusts.

Just how is it that you are discerning that Parliament is successfully working in representing Canadians?  How could this possibly be when at least 2 million citizens are not given any justice on the Harper/Flaherty  lies of Income Trust tax leakage?

Government, including you and your party, continue to evade this most important issue. It is an affront to Canadians.

I would like to think that there is one party that would see the urgency in exposing the fraudulent tax leakage lie and the resulting loss to Canadian investors because of that lie. I would like to believe that the Liberal leader would see the economic reasons to overturn this law.

Just about every other group has been given the tools and money to be made whole again - at the expense of the investor and the taxpayer.

A true Democracy would not allow such an egregious law to stand. Nor would a true Liberal.

Many are waiting for you, Mr. Ignatieff, to right this wrong. We cannot trust again until this wrong is righted.

As an astute writer - Quentin Crisp opined - "politics is for the politicians, the law is for the lawyers, the stage is for the actors ........"  It would seem to me to be an accurate portrayal of the bleakness and mockery in the representation of Canadians by Parliament.

Again, we cannot trust again until the wrong is righted.



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Dr Mike said...

Hot damn Nadine---awesome letter--well said & accurate to a T.

Beautiful & worth a second read.

Thanks for the effort.

Dr Mike