Sunday, May 3, 2009

Question for Michael Ignatieff from the Convention Floor

From: Richard

Date: Sun, 03 May 2009 19:53:20 -0400
Subject: Re: From the Convention floor / Du congrès libéral


Did you tell the folks that Harper & Flathead were a couple of pawns for the corporate elite , who carried out their bidding to kill income trusts , a superior business structure that held corporate chieftans in check , that the tax fairness plan has cost Canadians billions in lost savings and tax revenue , as some of our best businesses have been taken over by foreigners who pay no taxes in Canada , like Abu Dahbi 's take over of Primewest income trust , did you expose the myth of tax leakage with the blacked out papers the government provided as proof, if you happened to forget to mention any of this please do not contact me again until you do so.You have been given a unbelievable gift to discredit and win the leadership of Canada , do not squander i

From: Les

Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 2
To: Michael Ignatieff
Subject: Re: Question for Michael Ignatieff from the Convention Floor


Blah, blah, blah.  I still see nothing from the Liberals on income trusts.  Nothing on the web site, nothing from the convention, nothing in the press, nothing from anyone in the party, nothing from Iggy, nothing from McCallum, nothing from Goodale, nothing, nada, zilch, sweet f all!  I have an "incredible feeling", "energized by the work we have done"?  Spare me the political rhetoric and get something done regarding the income trusts!  We need another organization to fight for our rights and the injustice that has been done!

From: Paul

To: Brent Fullard
Cc: Michael Ignatieff
Subject: Re: Question for Michael Ignatieff from the Convention Floor


Dear Brent, Interestingly, Michael Ignatieff, in the true to form behaviour of a self serving politician, fails to answer Richard's questions, or make any reference to the subject matter Richard raises.
I'm really getting disillusioned by Ignatieff's lack of action on the Income Trust issues.
It seems to me he just doesn't get it.
God bless you Brent for your marvelous, unwavering tenacity.
I really admire you.
With kindest regards, Paul


Dr Mike said...

Sometimes inaction speaks louder than words & this is the case in this instance.

This is an extremely important issue to many Canadians who felt betrayed by Harper`s trust policy.

It should be an extremely important issue to all Canadians as they have been robbed blind as tax revenue falls as trusts are being taken-over by private equity nullifying tax takes.

Until the Liberal party gets a move-on here nothing will be done to correct this situation.

If they do nothing , which I fear may be the case , then shame on them.

Dr Mike Popovich

Kephalos said...

This issue should be top of mind for the 70% of Canadians (75% in Alberta) who are not in a defined benefits pension plan.

The double-taxation of retirement savings condemns individual Canadians to pension savings that have more fixed income and less equity holdings. In a nutshell the little guy or gal will have to save more to retire on less.

Why don't Canadians care that Flaherty has robbed them of a better future?

Her'e the really sad thing: 50% of Canadians retire with little or no savings for retirement. Obviously Flaherty does not care.

Do the Liberals or NDP care? The signs are not good.