Monday, May 4, 2009

How Layton can turn the truth about tax leakage, into Harper’s ultimate political “gaffe”

“As an academic”, Flanagan said, "you just build up a habit of trying to give honest answers to questions. ... Then once you get into politics your task is mostly to conceal the truth. The truth becomes a gaffe”

Like all Canadians Jack Layton was lied to by the Department of Finance and Mark Carney/Jim Flaherty about tax leakage.

As such, Layton has nothing but huge upside to expose Harper’s lies about tax leakage and all the foreign takeovers and REAL tax leakage it has caused.

Meanwhile Layton can expose Bay Street cronies like Manulie and Power Corp. for who they truly are, since the Liberals appear to be too much in bed with self interested Bay Street to do so.

The Liberals are leaving Jack with a huge opportunity and their entire center to left flank is completely wide open.

See Jack Layton’s pre-writ attack ad campaign strategy on Harper will cost Jack nothing at all to execute this attack ad campaign in Question Period.

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Dr Mike said...

Thomas Mulcair , the Dipper Finance Critic , appears to be the go-to guy on this file.

Here`s hoping that Mr Mulcair & his party will take another look & reassess their position.

All Canadians will thank them for it.

Dr MIke