Monday, May 4, 2009

Shouldn't Ignatieff's "Knowledge Society" be fully informed about Flaherty's lie called tax leakage? NOW?

Toronto Star: “The Liberal party is now at work on a broad platform for the party – based on Canada as a "knowledge society" – that will be ready for June, says Ignatieff.”

It’s all well and good to say that Canada should become a “Knowledge Society”, however actions speak louder than words. Why is the Liberal Party and Michael Ignatieff as its leader NOT EXPOSING HARPERS LIE about tax leakage and the REAL tax leakage caused by the over $100 billion in policy related takeovers that has caused REAL TAX LEAKAGE of over $1 billion....twice the amount of Flaherty’s false tax leakage claims?

Here’s the Liberals apparent interest in “knowledge”: $1 billion of real annual tax leakage merits no discussion, whereas $0.5 billion in phony tax leakage merits a 31.5% double tax on RRSP savings, a $35 billion loss in Canadians’ life savings and a wholesale takeover of the country’s prime investments and the resulting loss of $7.5 billion annual tax revenue that the Liberals are not informing Canadians of, while they are busy writing their “Knowledge Society” platform?

How dedicated are the Liberals to Canadians acquiring Knowledge and the Truth?

By the looks of it, not very.

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Dr Mike said...

Come on Libs , how tough can this be.

Let us see the policy on trusts.

We have heard some murmurings in the past about what you might do if elected.

However saying is one thing , doing is another!!!!

Dr Mike