Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The bigger issue is that the Conservatives misled Canadians on tax leakage!!!!

Michael Ignatieff says that “Canadians deserve the truth”. So why don’t the Liberals tell Canadians that Harper lied about tax leakage and that Flaherty’s analysis is fraudulent. Enough already with the pablum....go for Harper’s jugular.

Liberal Press Release: Conservatives mislead Canadians on taxes


· The Conservatives are misleading Canadians by stating that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff will raise taxes.


· Liberals will NOT raise taxes in a recession. We have no plan or desire to do so. Mr. Ignatieff has specifically stated that raising taxes in a recession would choke off economic recovery.

· This is a desperate attempt by the Conservatives to change the channel from their economic mismanagement that is responsible for leaving Canadians with a deficit well in excess of $80 billion.

· The Conservatives are the ones who need to come clean on the terrible fiscal situation that they have created, which includes no plan to clean up their mess.

· Under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservatives have squandered the prosperity achieved by the Liberal Party’s sound economic management and now Canadians are paying the price.

· Stephen Harper is the one who has been dishonest with Canadians on taxes. He said he was not going to raise taxes, but in his first budget, he raised the bottom income tax bracket from 15 per cent to 15.5 per cent.

· He also broke his word to Canadians when he imposed a new, punitive tax of 31.5 per cent on income trusts, after promising not to levy any new taxes on income trusts.

· Canadians know they can’t trust anything the Conservatives say.

· Liberals have cleaned up Tory messes before, and we will do it again.


Dr Mike said...

It is time for the Liberals to go on the offensive & send their attack adds to the media--no more Mr Nice guy.

The Cons will play this one for all it`s worth & this will appear in an add near you very soon--if they don`t they are crazy as they are heading south fast floundering on their own merit.

We all know this is coming as they were just waiting for an opening & this was it.

So Libs you better do something & fast as just this one add is enough to sink the good ship Liberal & Iggy with it.

Dr Mike

Bruce Benson said...

I agree, Prime Minister Harper and his PC government are true BLUE liars but here is the rub. Albertans and Western Canadians don't care. Westerners have such a hate on for Liberals that a few lies here and there are of little significance and besides that, they don't want to know the truth. Didn't Jack Nicholson say "You can't handle the truth". Well, Harper plans to keep it that way, feeding more bull doo doo down the pipe. Oh and might I say, none of the bull doo doo will be contradicted in the press. NONE! The press will be saying how Mr. Harper said this, Mr. Harper said that, Mr. Harper is surely a swell guy. Enough said, the Liberals must go for the jugular and quit wasting time.

Dr Mike said...


We are dead ducks unless we go for the throat & do it now,

The Cons are doing a number on us on the political shows tonight.

Lie lie lie--it sure works for them.


Bruce Benson said...


In on of my letters to the Liberals I suggested that if they had nothing bad to say about the CON's, then make something up, the CON's do it all the time.

Kephalos said...


If the Liberals had any money, the issue "They'll raise taxes" would make a perfect sit-com for CANADIAN EMPIRE AD-WARS.

In one way I have begrudging admiration for the Tories. They have so much gall in them that Flaherty's backteeth were floating when he said "I have a fiduciary responsibility to collect today's taxes today.

His lie was "RSPs never pay tax." The full truth is that the yesterday's "unpaid" taxes flock into his treasury every banking day of the week.