Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why can't Mark Carney answer a simple straight up fact based question?

Here we have a video in which Thomas Mulcair, Deputy Leader of the NDP and his Party’s Finance Critic asking Mark Carney whether the income trust tax achieved its intended purpose of addressing the “notion” (Thomas Mulcair’s word) that income trusts were causing a tax revenue loss, in light of the many takeovers of Canadian trusts by foreigners, such as the takeover of Prime West Energy Trust by middle eastern oil company?

Why can’t Mark Carney give a straight answer? This is not rocket science. What is he trying to hide, if not the same thing he was trying to hide with his 18 blacked out pages of so-called “proof”.

Meanwhile Deloitte (see below) has already answered the question that Mark Carney is EVADING in this video with Mulcair, in their study entitled: Income trust buyouts: Lots of activity little Tax revenue

Also view the Youtube tape (see below) of the Globe’s Eric Reguly on BNN stating that these trust takeover and the associated tax losses they produce are a “disaster” on the part of Jim Flaherty.

How long before we declare Flaherty’s “experiment” a FAILURE? The NDP can be heroes if they EXPOSE the TAX LEAKAGE LIE. So too the Liberals and the Bloc. Come on folks, what’s the hang up? Canadians aren’t sheeple.....or do you think we are?



ERIC REGULY: Click here



Dr Mike said...

Why is it that Elizabeth May is the only leader to get the significance of the sell-off of Canada because of the Tax Fairness Plan??

Is it possible that Elizabeth is the only one who is not beholden to the corporate elite out there who seem to be the puppet masters??

Methinks this may be the case.

Dr Mike

penlan said...

Did you see Goodale in QP yesterday? He mentioned the Income Trust fiasco in his 2nd question to Harper.

penlan said...

Oops! Just scrolled down to your previous post & see that you did.