Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maybe next time Harper is in New York City for a photo op?

Dear Ms. Francis,

I am an investment manager in New York City. Since 2003, I have had significant investment positions in client accounts and my own personal account in the Canadian Energy Trusts.

I want to thank and commend you for the outstanding work you have done----effectively alone among mainstream Canadian journalists-----in relentlessly bringing to the fore the facts and truths about the Conservative government's planned destruction of Income Trusts. Your article in today's Financial Post is the latest example of that outstanding work. The article touches all the bases. It summarizes perfectly: 1) all the critical issues regarding the Income Trust Issue; 2) the bogus, fraudulent reasons put forth by the Conservatives to " defend " this utterly indefensible legislation ; 3) the terrible consequences suffered by countless individual Canadians as well as the damage inflicted upon the Canadian economy----- and it even offers the Harper government a graceful, face-saving way out.

Going forward, I urge you, in the strongest terms, to keep up the superb work you have done so that a critical political mass can be built up to overturn this legislation, which is so enormously damaging on both a personal and national level..


Robert Siegel
Cabot Capital Group, Ltd.
110 Wall Street, 11th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10005

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Dr Mike said...

Reading the comments written to the Diane Francis blog piece of today on income trusts sure makes a person realize how well trust owners know their subject.

From what I have read , any one of these people could talk 95% of the MPs under the table on this subject.

Now if we could just get Jim Flaherty to poke his head out from his ass we might just be able to enlighten him.

Dr Mike