Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our self-confessing, self-manufactured and now self-defeating Loser PM

What with the revelations contained on the Zytaruk tape and with Harper’s attacks on the Bloc (and separatists and sovereigntists at the time of his self manufactured Coalition threat), we now learn that Harper has managed to cut his Quebec support in half , which I guess now makes Stevie Wonder the Self-confessing Self-defeating Self-manufactured Loser Prime Minister of Canada.

And to think, the equally loser press tried to depict him as a “brilliant tactician and strategist”, at thevery time when we already knew he was an lying, hack economist with a big ego and no ethics, circa his income trust scam of October 31, 2006:

Harper has managed to cut his Quebec support in half
That's quite an accomplishment only six months after the election
APRIL 19, 2009 9:46 AM


Anonymous said...

Although this government would have us believe otherwise, but just as with the destruction of income trusts based on lies, damned lies, and supported by 18 blacked out pages of statistics, with a unified cover-up by these two-faced pompous bastards, we are seeing the manifestation of Harper's apparent fascination with Stalin's management style.

Carney, Flaherty, just a couple of the many Stephen 'Stalin' lapdogs in the CONberg kennel. Harper's governing style should scare us all. Who would have thought Canada would have a totalitarian regime? The sad part is, the term isn't even an exaggeration.

-There are lies, damned lies and statistics -
-Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

I will second that one!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Brent, I will third that one and I could not have said it better my own self.


Dr Mike said...

Harper continues to cough-up lemons but up until now he has been adept at making lemonade.

Just look at the badly botched economic statement last fall--it was a total disaster & nearly led to his demise--within a week his support soared to majority territory--go figure.

This leads me to believe that as his poll results plummet he will seize this opportunity to issue the first of his "new" line of attack adds which will attempt to frame Ignatieff as a left-wing American who will raise our taxes.

Or maybe he will just resign & Make the investment world a better place.

Anonymous said...

This article is all the more interesting in not what it says but who wrote it. L.Ian Macdonald is an arch Conservative.